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Friday, February 10, 2012

Where have you been all the day?

Well, that song is about a boy called Billy and his quest for a wife
I remember my Dad used to sing it when we were young
but it was never the same - it always seemed to have different verses 
some involved tickling and others asking could the girl do this and that around the home

Sometimes he was just Billy Boy other times Charming Billy
So after a little digging I found out there are different versions 

This one is more like Dad's version

but there are others

Whats this all about you ask?
Where've I been and what have I been doing?
I've been at home concentrating on 'wifely duties'  bringing things back to normal again
which has involved taking advantage of sunny weather and doing some ironing
Ably assisted - not - by Kiera
These are my summer uniform - shorts and tshirts!
Getting in the swing of all the declutter and tidy the cupboards challenges
going on in blogland
Gill at That British Woman is particularly keen on this one.

The kitchen was my choice this week
These two cupboards in particular
They weren't that bad just a case of rearranging
and returning so I could see where things were

One of Dh's good friends harvested some of his lemon for me
They are all sqeezed and now I have a good stock of my depleted ice cube size blocks 
in the freezer for my morning drink
A lot of time has been spent on making gifts for later in the year

Two sets of dishcloths knitted for a special friend who appreciates them
Some little beaded angels and also some 'thong' type bookmarks
and I've also started on fingerless mittens for friends overseas
'Cose when Christmas comes around it's cold wherre they live.
After all that I spent some time outside eating and reading and taking it easy lol
Now this room (which has totally got out of hand ) is on the list for next week
We lifted the bed for a reason and it just became a dumping ground
Its been so convenient to open the door and store things on the floor instead of putting them awaye

Think I'm going to need a few tea breaks while I'm doing it lol

Edited to add:
Good on ya Mum - you're the only one
that noticed my unintentional mistake
Yes, photo no. 3 is an 'after' shot.

I'd loaded them all on the blog and even published before I realised what I had done.
And of course by then I'd deleted the 'before' one both from the camera and the computer:((  


  1. My, you've been busy! It is too cold to start spring cleaning here yet - that's my excuse!

  2. Haha! That pic of that last room .....quick ....close the door!
    You've done a great job with the kitchen. Maa

  3. If he who fancies himself to be a carpenter ever finishes my bathroom, I wil tackle some spring cleaning projects here! The last room you showed? That is how my whole house is looking at this point!! My sewing room is in good order and I have spending the bulk of my day there as he meanders along with his project.

  4. Not too much more to do there then Cathy. Take a tea break!

  5. I thought your cupboards looked tidy before you tidied them! Mind you the room doesn't. Good luck. Meanwhile ...

    You have been tagged. Please check out my post for Friday 10th. I hope you don't mind.
    Love from Mum

  6. well done on all that tidying up. It's catching all this blogland decluttering isn't it!!

    Gill in Canada

  7. G'day Cathy. Well done. You have been busy. It makes you feel better when you tidy something up and it makes it easier to see where things are. I got stuck into the built in robes in the main bedroom last weekend and it looks so much the better for it. I was sick of looking at all the clutter that I had jammed in them. Take care. Liz...

  8. I have a room just like your last photo - it's on my winter list of "things to do"....and it may just make it to my summer list because no-one around here is doing anything about it, lol.

  9. Cathy,

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting the AUD equivalent for me, I knew I had forgotten a currency to convert.



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