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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Up and Over

Sometimes when you travel it’s often the little rather than the big places that leave a mark in your memory. 
The first port of call on our New Zealand cruise last year
was Oban on Stewart Island right at the tip of the South Island. 
 Tiny little island – tiny little ‘town’ and set on a beautiful bay – Halfmoon Bay.
This is a view of part of the town from the wharf
Being just a little spot on the map with no huge great port
And with cruise ships being so big
it meant the ship had to moor away from the island

And visitng guests had to be tendered from ship to shore
On the other side of the hill in town is Golden Bay
where the ship's tenders dropped us at a really tiny wooden wharf
We were told the 'town' was just a short walk up and over the hill
what they didn't say was it was about a 1:4 gradient
- well thats what it felt like lol -
up and over the hill to the other side!!
Being there at low tide
meant we could see all the weird and wonderful things
that end up in and around the wharf over the course of time
Plus some wonderful reflections

Oban New Zealand November 2011

All photos open with a click


  1. I would live there tomorrow what a beautiful place.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Beautiful pictures....so tranquil and peaceful. I love being anywhere near water...just love it.

  3. Some beautiful pictures there! Also so interesting ones!

  4. I've actually been looking at that cruise in the future. I haven't had a 'real' holiday in over twenty years and I think I deserve one. Have you got any more pictures please?

  5. Climbing that hill gave you some pretty fantastic views!

  6. Wow that's a beautiful cruise and tour. And those islands look so peaceful and lovely. I laughed when you described the walk to the other side, which they say is just a short walk! We have a similar joke here too, when someone asks where an area is, someone will just point a finger saying "it is just there". But the "just there" takes a very long time to reach because you have to traverse hills and valleys. LOL.

  7. What an adventure. Looks like fun to me.

  8. I can feel the peace and quiet of the place .... hills bring the bonus of wonderful views after a bit of huff and puff

  9. Looks like a beautiful peaceful cruise. Lovely phootos.
    Blessings, Jan

  10. GReat series of shots of your travels. That first photo is picture postcard quality!

  11. G'day Cathy. Lovely photos. We were in NZ a few years ago and it is such a beautiful place. Take care. Liz...

  12. Ah it looks like a great and interesting trip! As well as beautiful sights!

  13. It looks like Norway!
    Lovely shots!
    Happy Wednesday to you!

  14. Awesome images. I especially like the one with the ship and the smaller island in the foreground.

    My Wednesday post: FROM A DISTANCE Hope you can find time to drop by to visit with me.

  15. I would not have survived the walk up that hill. You must be in very good health. Love the photograph of you guys.

  16. A delightful collection of shots Cathy - I'm almost breathless at the thought of that hill climb (which is an embarrassing reflection of my state of fitness!!). Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'll be back!

  17. Wow, what a difference the tide makes!


  18. Peace and serenity is written all over your faces... how nice. :)


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