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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Block Arcade

I was on my hands and knees cleaning the floor tiles in our laundry the other week and remembered a day Dh and I had in the city shortly after the New Year in 2010.  
After we finshed our business we wandered around going nowhere in particular
and found ourselves in the Block Arcade

We have lots of these really quaint little shopping arcades in the city centre.
Built in the 1890s - supposedly so ladies could shop in comfort (and safety) away from the extremes of weather we tend to get in Melbourne. 
Very hot in summer and quite cold in winter.

Here you will find lots of little coffee shops and and rather expensive boutique type shops 
All very nice to look at - enter if you dare lol

Haighs Chocolates have a fabulous shop at one end of the Arcade
where they sell their very exclusive hand made chocolates 
(just for the looking at in my case lol)
Look at the price of these Quondong filled choccies
$109.00 a kilo (2.2lbs)!!

Look at the beautiful tiled floor below
How would you like to be the nightime cleaner here
Imagine having to keep that floor shiny and clean

Block Arcade is a heritage shopping arcade in Melbourne Victoria.
Melbourne's Golden Mile heritage walk runs through the arcade
It forms a short, narrow laneway, connecting Collins Street  to Little Collins Street in the central business district of Melbourne.
It is also connected to Elizabeth Street in the west, thus, forming a L-shaped arcade and connecting to Block Place through to the Royal Arcade

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  1. G'day Cathy. I was in Block Arcade yesterday with a friend. I had been staying at my daughters for a few days and caught the train into Melbourne where my friend met me and we walked through the Arcade and did some window shopping, then went for lunch at the Inter Continental Hotel. It is a really beautiful arcade, isn't it. I hadn't been there for such a long time. Take care. Liz...

  2. The "arcade" looks a little like an indoor shopping mall in the Hague, Holland -this one is newer and nicer though. In Beijing (I believe), I was so desperate for chocolates that I bought 3 for $1.50! (dollar)

  3. I love the arcades in Melbourne, and yes your right. Nice to look at but you need to get a morgage on the house to be able to afford to shop there. Lovely photos

  4. Hi there - I seem to walk through the Block on the way to other places – don’t think I'm in the target shopper population!

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Aahhh the memories your photos have brought back. It's years since I was last in Melbourne but I so remember the beautiful Arcades...mainly because I always had to wipe the drool of my chin after I left them...couldn't afford to actually buy anything!

  6. I'd feel very grand walking through that shopping centre. :))

  7. A beautiful Arcade indeed!

    Now because of some changes at Blogger it looks like I will no longer be able to post to this blog so have decided to move to another place

    You will find me at Cathy @ Still Waters
    Please come and visit me there

  8. What a beautiful place to shop. Reminds me a bit of the shopping mall they created in Union Station in St. Louis. If one looks carefully, one can see the marvelous architecture and details of the grand old building that housed the depot.

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