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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You know how when you lose something

The easiest way to find it is to buy another one!
Well in my house cleaning the windows or the car is one way to change the weather pattern

Now I have to set the scene for another discovery

Years ago – many years ago – way back in the late 1970s or early 80s I bought a few long caftans to wear in the summer when we had really hot humid days.  At that time we had no cooling in the house and they were fabulous to wear on those days.  Long and flowing caftans covered a multitude of sins - you could be overweight and it didn't show too much but for me one of them was that for comfort in that kind of weather the wearer may not have been wearing underclothes lol

Then not many years later as the kids grew older it was off to full time work for me meaning there was no time for swanning round the house in flowing gowns ‘cose there was always housework and other things to do – so shorts and t-shirts were the order of the day when it was hot – well that or I was flaked out indoors with the air-conditioning on.

I knew I hadn't got rid of them as they would pop up every now and again when I was tidying cupboards - as if to remind me they were still around if I ever had the desire to put them on again.  Well, when we had what I termed 'ghastly weather' pre Christmas and also over the New Year week these two jumped out and said Hello.  Right, says I, now is the time to turn back the clock and  be cool at the same time lol

There was just one thing wrong - over the years the stitching seemed to have deteriorated and there were big gaping holes along the seam lines. So after pinning and tacking - because I fumble too much trying to take out pins while I'm actually sewing it easier for me to tack and then I actually end with the straight seams I want - out came the sewing machine. 

Got it all dusted and set up - which means that first of all I had to find the book of instructions on how to thread the blessed thing - then I put the foot on the pedal and spent half an hour bringing life back into the garments.  And the beauty of all that work is that they still fit - mind you the labels do say 'one size fits all' but that doesn't faze me at all 

The fawn/blue one that looks quite uninteresting on a hanger is so comfortable to wear.  It's basically one long piece of cotton material with a hole cut for the neck and sewn straight up and down the sides.  There is a facing on the neckline which lies down to give a slight collared look and there is stitching in from the sides to form an armhole.  The hem si slightly rounded at the front and back but that doesn't seem to  interfere with walking.

When its on it takes on a life of its own - loose flowing and comfortable - I think its one of the best buys I ever made and I reckon has many more years of life left in it - as long as I remember where I put it lol

Now the red one is stunning and made from some really nice patterned cotton.   I don't remember when or where and for what reason I actually bought it, it has a Made in Thailand label yet that doesn't ring a bell either.  It's structured in that the raglan sleeves are seperate, cut quite wide at an angle to almost elbow length really showing off the border pattern at the end. The same 'dramatic' pattern is on the back and the makers have matched the border pattern at the lower seams.  It has a fitted feel to it, the scoop neckline had a facing so it sits nice and flat and there is actually a long zip in the back as well.  One of the side seams being open part of the way up from the hem which gives it a rather racy feel and it fits as well:))

So heres what I learnt from that task:- I obviously have undiscovered means and ways of changing weather patterns as today its freezing cold, its pouring with rain, it looks like and feels like winter  from a cold front that is passing over the state with the temp outside about 11c/52f.  

I'm sitting here in a fleecey top and trousers wearing socks and slippers and wondering when I'll get to enjoy the fruits of my labour by wearing those lovely vintage caftans.  


  1. Now we know who to blame for this weather. Lol. They look great I'm sure you'll get a chance to wear them soon

  2. You are so funny. I have to smile, though, because I have some really comfy clothes that I have hung on to for ages, too. BTW, the caftans are coming back on the cruise ships. What's nice about cruising is you can wear just about anything as long as you wear something.... Well, they have those cruises, too, but I don't go there.... ;)

  3. :-) and here I naively thought that bringing bub home from hospital brought about the winterish weather.

    Kind Regards

  4. Nice that you found and repaired them, so they are ready for that next hot sunny day! I think they are both fabulous, Cathy!

  5. Now isn't that the way it goes in life? That warm weather will be back with a vengeance though, and you'll be ready for it.

  6. We lived on Jekyll Island few a time. I had my last child while we lived there and I lived in sundresses. Some had straps over the shoulder and some tied at my neck. But they all were full and flowing. I absolutely lived in them. Before the pregnancy, during and after. They are long gone. I wore them until they were threadbare!

  7. Funny you should post about this. My sister and I were recently talking about these clothes as she was wearing something similar she dug out of her(old) clothes stash. Nice and cool.
    The weather here is ghastly too. I hate it. Maa

  8. You have written a great advertisement for kaftans. If only there was an order button on your blog. I would click and order one right now:) You were indeed smart to keep them.

  9. It's like deciding which line to get in at the grocery store. Choose what you believe will be the fastest, and surely the other shoppers will benefit in another line. :)

    Hold on to those kaftans. You will need them soon and will be glad that you fixed them!

  10. ....caftans coming back into style????
    Holy crap.....are you telling me that they ever went out of style?

    Not that I care.......they are what I live in 12 months of the year. For the summer I have a bunch of lovely flowing cool cotton jobs and for the winter (california) I made a bunch out of sweat shirt fleece, and, for parties, velour.

    I keep hearing people vilified for wearing comfy pants with waist elastic and others sanctified because they wear uncomfortable pants with zippers, in which you are OK as long as you don't want to eat, breathe or sit down. The world is mad, I tell you. Save those caftans.

  11. Thanks for reminding me Cathy, I have two quite similar 'garments' (but short version) hanging in my 'robe somewhere. I remember I purchased them from a pesky beach vendor in Thailand. Must go on a hunt, lol. Even though today is somewhat cool, next week we expect a day (or two) in the mid 30 degrees.
    Now that I've lost some weight from being so ill at Christmas...maybe they'll fit ?????

  12. G'day Cathy. Great blog. I do like those caftans. Funny old weather we are having here in the lovely state of Victoria, isn't it? But, don't despair,I am sure those caftans will be getting worn at some stage over the next few months of "summer". I have a feeling that there will be some hot, hot days to come. Take care. Liz...


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