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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hidden Treasures

I was under the impression there were no more 'Hidden Treasures' in our house
but it seems I was wrong
 Look what I found tucked away on the bottom shelf of a bookcase in the back bedroom

Quite a while ago, (read years)  we used to frquent a discount book warehouse
that dealt in returns and nothing was priced over $5

We'd have a trip to the city a weekend before the Christmas holidays and stock up for the summer
At the time it was fun as you never knew what would come home with you
You didn't know what stock they had - some would be fairly recent
Other could be older works bought from businesses that had closed down

I'd read what I bought and then pass on to friends  
After they'd done the rounds here
they would then be passed on to intestate friends when we saw them wherever

So I was surprised to see these ones I'd obviously forgotten about
From a quick glance I know I've read some of them
Others I'm not so sure about
There are question marks against some of them
Why did I buy these??

For instance 
Book 1 and 2 from The Crowthistle Chronicles by Cecilia Dart- Thornton
Described as Fantasy novels
they are supposedly about the adventures that befall a cursed and gifted family
Both are thick!

Then there's these
Book 1, 2, and 3 from the Chronicles of Kydan by Simon Brown
He's described as a Science Fiction author
yet these are deemed to be a fantasy trilogy

I did find this description on the net of Book 3 - Daughter of Independence
FROM THE AUTHOR  A final confrontation between old and new, between tyrannical magic and freedom, and between an empire and a growing nation-state that will determine the fate of millions-and not least the brave band of colonists who set out from Hamilay to settle Kydan with courage and hope in their hearts

 However I'm going to start on this one 
It looks less complicated
What are you reading at the moment?
And have you discovered any hidden treasure lately?


  1. I love reading and I've finished all mine. I need to start going to the library again. I'm sure I'll find lots of 'goodies' when I begin sorting out boxes in the garden shed. Susan

  2. I visit the library frequently .... I have to pay $18 annually for that priviledge, so I check out twice monthly. I like to listen to books while I sew and while I cook. I am listening to Betty White's book about her career in the sewing room. In the kitchen I have a Kathy Reichs book.

  3. G'day Cathy. Looks like you will be doing a bit of reading !! I have no "hidden treasures" at the moment. Most of them were found when we moved houses, though I did clean out one of my dressing table drawers this morning and managed to get rid of some stuff that I didn't need. I have been reading books by Jeffery Deaver and have found most of them really good reading. Take care. Liz...

  4. My daughter gave me the new novel by Stephen King "11/22/1963" for Christmas. It's spellbinding! A little fantasy there too - it's about a time traveler of sorts trying to go back and prevent the John F. Kennedy assassination.

    I have lots of hidden treasures on my bookshelves waiting to be read - and a few that are worth reading over.

  5. I went to a discount book store today but managed to resist!

    I think I have the comments thing sorted but not 100% sure, Thanks for the tip.



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