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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hello again

Thought I'd let you know all is well in our household
Melbourne had the most horrendous weather during the past week
Hot humid and revolting, culminating in the most horrific storm on Christmas Day afternoon/evening
So apart from that it was a quiet Christmas - we saw most of our children and their children

And I realised this person and my family mean the world to me
(Me and The Man Christmas Day 2011)

This week coming will be taken at a slow pace as we watch the cricket on the TV
This week will be quiet but thats the way I like it.
I'm weary of the year 2011
I know they say 'you get what you deserve'
but I'm sure I didn't deserve the pain (physical and emotional) that this past year gave to me
I'm looking forward with an open heart and mind to 2012

How about you
What are your thoughts on the year just gone - and your hopes for the coming year?


  1. I'm very sorry this has been a tough year for you Cathy. Ours has had its up and downs and I am hoping 2012 will not be as turbulent. All seemed to be well until the last four months when we had three family members from the eldest to the youngest with life threatening illnesses. I wish you and your dear family a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!

  2. Hope that 2012 will be a better year for you. We lost my hubby's sweet sister this year to cancer, so it's been an emotional year, but I'm so grateful for our health. You don't realize how wonderful it is to have good health until you've witnessed a love one suffer. Happy new year and God Bless you and your family.

  3. Hi Cathy,

    It's been a challenging year for many as far as I can tell.

    We've experienced a lot of turbulence. There's also been a lot of adjusting to do but in the scheme of things our life has and continues to be blessed.

    May 2012 contain calm, peace and support for all who find themselves needing it.

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Cathy
    Lovely photo of you both.
    We had an awful 2009 finishing up with news that my husbands close friend had died at just 35, on new years eve. I have very much appreciated the calm of 2010 & 2011. It will get better

  5. Love the picture of the handsome couple:) Yes, I will wish you a better 2012 if you will wish us the same. We are glad to get it behind us. Holiday blessings to you and yours.

  6. Sorry that 2011 has been so painful for you. Let's all hope and pray that 2012 is much happier!
    Nice pic of you and hubby. Have a happy new year and no matter what comes we are all here for you. Hugs

  7. G'day Cathy. Lovely photo.Good to hear from you again. Sorry to hear that this year has not been a good one for you. I hope the New Year brings you nothing but happiness. Take care. Liz...

  8. After a tough year here I'm thinking 2012 will be a huge improvement for both of us.

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful photo of your lovely self and your DH. I hope 2012 is kind to you (and that the Sydney Test Match lasts for the full 5 days!)

    Sending care, love and huggles from my Folks' place in Tauranga, NZ,

    Michelle xxxx

  9. Hello Cathy! I just stopped by to wish you a happy holiday season. May the coming year treat you gently and kindly.

  10. All the very best of luck, love , health and happiness for 2012 Cathy,

    Gill in Canada

  11. Happy New Year, Cathy! Yep, 2011 was not a year we will want to remember much. Let's hope 2012 will be an improvement.


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