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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

International Benches of the Week - Calgary

Calgary Alberta Canada is one of my favourite places in North America
I thought I'd show you some of the benches that caught my eye during our stay there last October

There were lots of them so I've picked out some of the stunners (well in my eyes)

As it is nearly Remembrance Day - November 11th
heres a very special bench from a special park in Calgary
This stunning carved bench is in Central Memorial Park

May we live as nobly as they died
Now don't you think this is a picture of ingenuity and simplicity
I'm not sure who placed it there but you can see weary commuters sqatting there waiting for the bus
Nice and dry up off the concrete (and snow) in more comfort than the man further down the bus queue

There were several of these very fanciful lounge benches in a place called Olympic Plaza
Its where all the medal presentations took place for the 1988 Winter Olympics but now its a fabulous water park - a little haven in the middle of a busy city
Very basic but also very 'modern' looking
Space for more than one and flowers on the table as well lol
Outside what I think was a downtown - wonder if any deals are done there

And to finish off heres another with a military theme
These were in the grounds of the Aereo Space Museum
The flags are part of a memorial to pilots who were trained in Canada during WW2
They are all very normal and serve a purpose yet they are all very different


  1. What an interesting collection of benches. One of my favourite things to photograph.

  2. Some of these benches are genuinely different! Nice selection!

  3. What fun! I really enjoyed your bench post and love the bright pink! Have a great week!

  4. Yes, the pink one ROCKS!! Unusual design - but it looks really comfortable, too! Unlike some of the others ...

  5. Some of them are very different. A good idea. I liked them.

    Roberto,Rio de Janeiro

  6. Cathy, hi
    Welcome to my blog and many thanks for so nice comment!
    The photos on your benches are wonderful!
    Simple, elegant, pink everything nice!
    You're in my favorites blogs!
    Have a wonderful week

  7. Hi Cathy, What a great variety of benches. I love the one that's just wooden slats. Thanks for popping by.
    Love from MUm

  8. I tried to leave a comment on the "House on the Corner" update but I am not sure it worked. I am almost sorry that I suggested you talk to the woman in the beautiful house. I hope that she does not become an angry neighbor.


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