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Friday, November 4, 2011

The house on the corner - update

Being as it was a nice sunny afternoon I took Leilani's from Ozark Oddments suggestion on board and walked up the main road to see if anyone was in at the House on the Corner.

The side gate was open so I waved to the the woman in the garden and when she came over - she'd been hanging out her washing - I started to speak to her.  I was telling her how inviting the house and garden looked from outside BUT a short while later I began to wish I hadn't. 

She was not a happy camper when I mentioned having taken the photos - 'You can see my house from the main road.  I'll have a load of weirdo's coming round here'  and on and on it went.  I agreed with her on it being close to the road and told her I definitely hadn't identified the street or the suburb but she seemed to think I had hundreds of readers and all of them lived in the local area as well  lol 

Anyway no amount of apologies seemed to calm her - so I said goodbye and left - quickly.  Just hope she's not around next time I walk past!


  1. I had a similar experience when taking a picture of a man on the bus wearing a stove pipe hat, it is in a previous post. I took it from the back so his face was not on view but a nutty lady saw me and told him. He came up to the back of the bus and I thought he was going to be nasty but, (whew) he was fine. The woman on the other hand would not leave it alone and I just shrank back in my seat until she got off. lol

    Taught me a lesson though to never take photos without asking first.



  2. She should have been happy enough that you thought her house was interesting enough for photos :)

  3. It would seem that only people who know about blogs, are willing subjects. I always ask if I am taking picture of a person, but other stuff - nope, if it's in plain view! Call me nuts, but if satellites can do it...

  4. "Be careful around her, you could end up on her blog." That is what my friends and family warn people about. It's like I carry some kind of plague.

  5. Ooooops!
    just stay outta her way.
    I love granny annies comment. I think a few of my friends feel like that too.

  6. G'day Cathy. People are funny sometimes aren't they? Maybe she is a very private person. I guess it makes you wonder if it's ok to take photos of other people's property, anyway she would have been none the wiser if you hadn't told her. I agree with another comment, that she should have felt flattered that you thought her home and garden looked lovely.You have made me stop and think now. I hope you don't hear any more from her. Take care. Liz...

  7. Oh what a spoilt sport! If her house was so pretty for every passer by to see...she a bit of a show off inside. Maybe she just doesn't understand about 'blogs'
    Now ...what was the address? We'll all go and stand outside a 'gawk'. Haha! Just kidding!

    Don't take it to heart....I bet if you worked for the Womans Weekly, she would have jumped at the chance. Maa


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