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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

International Benches of the Week - Calgary

Calgary Alberta Canada is one of my favourite places in North America
I thought I'd show you some of the benches that caught my eye during our stay there last October

There were lots of them so I've picked out some of the stunners (well in my eyes)

As it is nearly Remembrance Day - November 11th
heres a very special bench from a special park in Calgary
This stunning carved bench is in Central Memorial Park

May we live as nobly as they died
Now don't you think this is a picture of ingenuity and simplicity
I'm not sure who placed it there but you can see weary commuters sqatting there waiting for the bus
Nice and dry up off the concrete (and snow) in more comfort than the man further down the bus queue

There were several of these very fanciful lounge benches in a place called Olympic Plaza
Its where all the medal presentations took place for the 1988 Winter Olympics but now its a fabulous water park - a little haven in the middle of a busy city
Very basic but also very 'modern' looking
Space for more than one and flowers on the table as well lol
Outside what I think was a downtown - wonder if any deals are done there

And to finish off heres another with a military theme
These were in the grounds of the Aereo Space Museum
The flags are part of a memorial to pilots who were trained in Canada during WW2
They are all very normal and serve a purpose yet they are all very different

Monday, November 7, 2011

Polar Bears

When we go overseas with airfares being what they are - expensive - I usually try to pack as much into the trip as I can -  so last year knowing we were going to Canada to see rellies in Nova Scotia I worked out we had enough in the kitty to do another Alaskan cruise and also go with friends to Newfoundland.  We aren't that well off and it does take some planning for these things to happen but it is achievable

Anyway as I was watching David Attenborough's Frozen Planet last night
oohing and ahing over the polar bear cubs
I remembered the ones we saw last year

We were in Ketchikan when we came across this huge great brute
Not sure which store it was in but look at the size of it - take it down to ground level and it would still tower over Dh
You wouldn't stand a chance if that caught you by surprise and as cuddly as he looks you certainly wouldn't want to shake him by the hand

This one which looked more like the size of a cub than an adult was reclining on the floor of the Grenfell House Museum in St Anthonys Newfoundland
Peolpe were saying how lovely and soft and cozy it looked till they actually had a proper look at the head
  Even as tiny as it was I still thought those teeth were a bit on the large size lol
Another little beauty lives in The Durrell Museum at Twillingate 
This really does give you an idea of what it's like to be up close and personal with a polar bear
Look at the size of those claws - anyone do manicures??

We did see them live once before - it would have to have been in the late 1990's not long after they arrived at San Diego Zoo.  No photos tho' - I spent the whole time engrossed in looking at them and watching them through the glass window of their swimming pool. 

Has anyone had dealings with Polar Bears? 
Nice ones or scary ones - I'd love to hear about them

Friday, November 4, 2011

The house on the corner - update

Being as it was a nice sunny afternoon I took Leilani's from Ozark Oddments suggestion on board and walked up the main road to see if anyone was in at the House on the Corner.

The side gate was open so I waved to the the woman in the garden and when she came over - she'd been hanging out her washing - I started to speak to her.  I was telling her how inviting the house and garden looked from outside BUT a short while later I began to wish I hadn't. 

She was not a happy camper when I mentioned having taken the photos - 'You can see my house from the main road.  I'll have a load of weirdo's coming round here'  and on and on it went.  I agreed with her on it being close to the road and told her I definitely hadn't identified the street or the suburb but she seemed to think I had hundreds of readers and all of them lived in the local area as well  lol 

Anyway no amount of apologies seemed to calm her - so I said goodbye and left - quickly.  Just hope she's not around next time I walk past!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What to say

I have no idea

What do you thnk I shoud be posting about - I could do with your ideas please

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The house in the park

Some of you may remember the park I walk in occasionally
The one with the wetlands and the bridge
The one I mentioned here earlier in October and also in April of this year
Its the one that has lovely benches - some new and some old like this one
The land was owned by a family with the surname Bridge
hence the featured bridge in what is now a council owned reserve

Well, if you stand at the bridge and look back you will see a fenced in area
 with some brightly coloured buildings

The house was part of the sale when the council bought the land and is now the home of the local Neighbourhood House and Garden Centre as well as a Community Playgroup

It is a beautifully calm place - full of lots of arts and crafts and other goodies
So from the front driveway
right through to the back entrance
you never know what is going to pop up
Mosaics are a popular class as is evident here at the front door 

There are lots of windy interesting paths that make the small block seem so much bigger

I'll tell you more about it next week

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