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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What do you see?

These came via our inbox
'Looks can be deceiving '
'Can you see'

They quite took my fancy so if you look hard you might see

A Baby
Ten faces in the tree

A Kissing Couple

Another face

and lastly
Three women

How did you do?
I can see them all 'cept for a third woman in the last one


  1. I saw them all. Look at the man's nose to find the third woman seated with her back to us. These are great.

  2. I see three. Alberts nose is definitely someones bottom!

  3. G'day Cathy. They are just great. I like the baby and the three women. Take care. Liz...

  4. Yeah I can see them all. it too a while to see all ten faces because I kept losing count.


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