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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Never too young to learn - Wordless Wednesday

Children's Corner at the library
This little one was going great guns on the computer
His mum said he had just turned - 2 years old


  1. Lovely resource center for the kids! My #3 son's two kids were playing on the comp at two also. It really is amazing isn't it?

  2. So true! I like her concentration.

  3. Im sure they are born smarter these days. Very cute indeed.

  4. seeing little ones playing with all the latest gadgets, while us oldies have no clue, does make you feel old!!

    Gill in Canada

  5. Love the concentration and love that you're in the library!

  6. Throw them in the swimming pool when they are young and they start off swimming. Throw them in the library when they are young and new Einsteins are on the way to the future.

  7. Happened upon your blog via Wordless Wednesday. We're on 9 weeks away from moving ourselves and our three young boys from Denver, Colorado to Wollongong, NSW for a year while my husband participates in a teacher exchange program. Can't wait for this new adventure!
    Will I be an Aussie blogger then, or is it an honor for those that are Aussie by blood? :)

  8. Perfect picture - such concentration. I bet he was winning his game aswell. Learning in action. I hope he took some books home too.
    Love from Mum


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