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Monday, October 10, 2011

Musings on a Monday

So what are you thinking about today??


  1. I just made a monster choccie cake, which I am guessing is full of those little guys.

  2. Love you definiton of calories! What I'm thinking about today is that it's Sunday morning here and you've already posted your Monday post. I love how that time thing happens!

  3. Thank you so much for the chuckle, I love Maxine too!

  4. Ha! That's cute! :))

    We have been up since 3:45 AM. It will be an early evening tonight. I've been through immigration with 4,000 other people to go ashore in my own country, two stores to pick up necessary items, and through embarkation with 4,000 different other people to come back on board. Busy day. ;) I guess I'll have time to myself to think tomorrow.

    I did just read the book "Killing Lincoln" by O'Reilly. Very good for anyone interested in American History and the Civil War. I guess I've been giving some thought to that as I stood in lines today.

    Thanks for the laugh today, Cathy. It's always fun to visit you here. :)

    Very best until next week,

  5. I have lots of those peskie calories at my place too! thanks for the giggle I really needed it.

  6. So that's the whisperings I've heard in my closet lately! Haha! Good one. Maa

  7. G'day Cathy. I do wish those little creatures in the closet would go and visit someone else for a change. They have been here way too long....... Take care. Liz...

  8. No problem here. All my parts seem to be drooping at the same pace. LOL


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