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Friday, October 14, 2011

Memories are made of this

These have to be two of my favourite pictures of my children
from when they were young
They are certainly not pretty pretty posed ones
But to me are full of fun and emotion

August 1972
Taken in Hyde Park on the day we went to Australia House in London
to finalise arrangements for our migration to Australia

The oldest two children had come with me
to the Mr Whippy Ice Cream Van
(not the one in the picture)
to help collect the ice creams.
Of course, once we were served they didn't wait for me
but walked on ahead

Dad (who just happened to have the camera in his hand)
was standing behind them and watched
as they showed the others what they had

'Wheres mine?'
is a good title for the first one

This one I call 
'Boys will be Boys'
'OK, Which one of you did it' 

The look on the girls' faces tells it all
We are not amused lol
(I wasn't amused when I realised Dh had captured the man walking by
but then if he'd waited the moment would've been gone)

Now here's the pretty posed one taken the same month
I had a series taken as a gift for their Grandparents 
A reminder of how they were 

Pretty Pretty Posed Photo
yet full of fun and emotion
What do you see when you look at old photos?

We flew out of Heathrow in November 1972


  1. Lovely that you have old photos. My husband has so few. We waved good bye to my sister from Heathrow in Feb 1972, on a BOAC flight to Auckland. It was 13 years before she came home for a visit as cash was pretty tight but after that she wanted to stay home and finally came back in 1987. She is never leaving her mum again!

  2. Beautiful pictures, the candid as well as the posed. Such beautiful children.

    (That must have been some trip! I imagine you have a lot of stories to tell about that!)

  3. G'day Cathy. Such lovely photos and such lovely children. Take care. Liz...

  4. I love your old photos. What a great family atmosphere they convey. What a great Mum you must have been too with all those white shorts and skirts to take care of!

    I have spent the last few days scanning old black and white pictures from my childhood to make books for my nieces. Their mother, my younger sister, died when they were small so I am making photo books for them for Christmas. Immersing myself in those pictures brought everything back really vividly, even though we lived before colour!

  5. The first thing I thought when I saw your pictures, was "5 children!" LOL I'm sure you handled it well. :)

    Then I saw how cute they were and the styles of their clothing and hair. Always fun to see the things that have changed and the things that have stayed the same.

    That's what I tend to see first. Then I look at the background. The man's backside in your picture is a funny addition. :)

  6. What a beautiful bunch--how fun to have five children. I've got three young boys, and I'm trying to hold on to this precious time that is slipping away too fast for my heart to bear. I think the unposed shots capture the best emotion...


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