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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finding my feet again

After having finished most of the garden jobs I set out to do - tomatoes and beans are in their pots and should have settled in quite nicely - things haven't gone quite to plan this past week

It seems my idea of lifting bags of soil and fertiliser without asking Dh to help wasn't as good an idea as I thought it would be.  He was relaxed and enjoying the sunshine totally engrossed in a book so it seemed a shame to disturb him - I had everything to hand and it seemd logical to set to, fill the pots then plant out the seedlings.

Had a hot bath that evening, slept well, felt my back seemed a tad sore the next day, no more than the days before when I'd been working outside - ha can you be fooled! - thats when the dreaded sciatica began. Foolhardy me forgot that these days each time I lift bags that heavy I seem to pay for it.

Consequently I've been wandering around with a painful leg as well as a pained expression on my face.  No walking as its been aching too much and I jump each time it spasms and sitting for a time here on the computer chair hasn't done it any good either hence the lack of posts.

To go along with my miserable demeanour I've been feeling a bit on the big side
Actually I feel like this wideload we encountered on a back road one Sunday morning in Queensland

We are off on another trip in a couple of months - a cruise this time - so even though it might seem a little early to think about what clothes to take I've been going through my wardrobe.

The other month I came across some really good websites showing what can go with what - mix and match - actually called wardrobe capsule dressing these days- I thought it might cheer me up and  help me forget about the dreaded pain in the leg - trouble was I discovered some of my homesick kilos have returned to take up residence again and some of my clothes are a fraction on the tight side:((

Must go as this is about as long as my leg will let me sit on hard chair - its rather awkward trying to type standing up - will tell you about these sites another day


  1. It is terrible to become incapacitated because of an unusual twist or turn. It only takes one lift or one bend or one misstep and suddenly my life changes for a few days of healing. Enjoy your upcoming travel and be careful:)

  2. Ouch! So sorry, I know we do some stuff, thinking nothing of it and then are sorry after we had done that! I don't know why we think we are still 23 and can do it all!

    What IS on that wide load?

    Good luck with your shopping! When do you plan on taking your trip?

  3. G'day Cathy. I can relate to the sciatica, it's a pain in the you know what !!! I hope it eases up for you soon. Where are you going on your cruise? That is something to look forward to. I also would like to know what the wide load was, looks interesting. Take care. Liz...

  4. Nothing worse! when the pain hits it acually makes me almost fall. Take care of yourself.

  5. Hope you will soon feel better.Know sciatica can be really painful and incapacitating

  6. Sitting at the computer for long periods can take a real toll on one's arse and legs. A break is important now and then. Ouch! I know how it is. You lucky cruiser you.

    Tossing It Out

  7. The consequences of getting older is that the mind is willing but the body is weak, so, sooooooo annoying.
    I do all sorts of things in my head just like I used to do but its a different matter when I physically come to do them.
    Funny thing is, I keep thinking its temporary, am I kidding myself do you think?? LOL
    Hope you soon recover, bad backs are not much fun....

  8. My right leg gave a sciatica spasm in sympathy as I read this. Dear Cathy, you have my full sympathy and understanding.

    It is too early here for tomatoes and beans but I am planning which to plant at the end of October. I haven't forgotten our shores will be graced by yourself and your dear Dh the following month.

    I hope your spinal nerves settle down fast and the plants grow well. As for clothes I think layering could be the answer as the "4 seasons in one day" or maybe across one week of travels effect could be likely.

    Send care and huggles to you all, with added head scritches for Kiera,

    Michelle xxx (yes, Zebby is under his battered quilty, again .....)

  9. Your flowers are lovely. To think you have so many that they are escaping your property. Mine have a long way to go to escape the flower beds.


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