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Friday, September 16, 2011

Chance encounters that made me smile

A series of road signs near Rockhampton designed to keep drivers alert
and inject a bit of humour into the car

Distance sign at BP Proserpine - almost there!
Summer footwear - tossed to one side as you do
Dh's runners neat and tidy - only worn a couple of times
Dh's tanned arms and knees

Just one solitary gull looking out to sea
Still smiling!


  1. I'm smiling! We don't have fun road signs like that!

    Love the gull at the sea shore!

  2. G'day Cathy. Great pics. Love the gull on the beach. Hubby and I have just driven from Melbourne to Wodonga to look at a new car and I kept asking "Are we there yet"? Now we have to drive home !!!!! Take care. Liz...

  3. Our utility porch looks like that with our shoe selections near the door. You should see it when the grandkids are here:)

  4. Ha ha, made me smile too.
    Enjoyed your photos :D)

  5. we saw those signs going to queensland too. and the ones coming home. it was like having the kids in the car with us.

  6. Hi Cathy, thought I'd pop in, leave a comment and join your blog followers.
    The joggers made me chuckle. Petal has a pair that have only seen daylight once! Give him a pair of RM Williams boots and you need a can opener to get them off him.


  7. I love that first sign, so cute.....

    Gill in Canada

  8. I like that "How long to go" sign, as well as all the other photos. Thanks. As many of us Yanks might have put it, "Are we there yet?"


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