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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winter visitor for Winter Wednesday

Even tho' we are near the hills the area is still suburban meaning there are lots of houses and even more going up where owners are subdividing so a lot of the parrots give us a wide berth, We do get flighty Eastern Rosellas and Crimson Rosellas as well as the funny little Rainbow Lorikeets who love the berries on the Lilly Pilly tree

Now the only deciduous tree I have growing nearby is next doors oak - yes,  the one of falling leaves fame , and the great thing about this tree being leafless in the winter is that I can see any birds who do sit in the branches.  Plus any pesky possums lol

So this is where I need a little help here from some of those with more knowledge of birds than I have .  This beautiful parrot with an orange head and chest arrived there this morning and played around on the branches for a short while - luckily just long enough for me to race inside and get the camera. 

 I don't recall seeing one before - google suggests a King Parrot, would that be right?

photos will enlarge

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  1. Yes..a wonderful male king parrot in full breeding plumage. Nice photos!

  2. How pretty! We don't have parrots hanging around our place, that's for sure!

  3. Oh, it is so pretty! We don't have parrots in our area, that is so cool! Good shots, so lucky he stood still for you!

  4. G'day Cathy. Yes, it is a King Parrot. We get them here from time to time. King Parrot Creek, is not terribly far from us, but the funny thing is I have never seen any there.!!! It's great that you got to see it and get such good photo's.

  5. What a great photo! It's a pretty bird. I even Googled it to see if the photos matched yours. Thanks for sharing the photos.


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