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Sunday, July 10, 2011

These grey skies are going to clear up?

Aren't they?

Do any of you remember this song

Gray skies are gonna clear up
Put on a happy face
Wipe of the clouds and cheer up
Put on a happy face

From the musical Bye Bye Birdie
music by Charles Strouse - lyrics by Lee Adams

Its been like this all day
and I tried really hard with the happy face routine
but it didn't seem to work

Like I said
 It's been like this all day
Cold wet and windy!

It would have been nice if those lovely clear sunny days 
the ones I wrote about a couple of days ago had reappeared
These ones here 

With a bit of luck if I put the happy face on again tomorrow
Those skies will clear up

They will - won't they?


  1. They have to clear up.... sometime. I know that gloomy days, day after day can be pretty depressing!

  2. They will eventually, I hope!

  3. Hoping the skys clear up for you Cathy. :-)

  4. I recall that I made a promise to myself that I would NEVER complain about the rain again....after a long hot, dry spell of weather a couple of years ago...but here I am, wishing this rain would stop and allow me to finish my pruning. (lol)

  5. I can't take too many cloudy days. Fortunately, I live in a "4 seasons" state where I experience all weather, but mild.

    I hope you get some sun SOON!

    Oh, and yes, I remember that song. I was singing along as I was reading it. :)

  6. G'day Cathy. Beautiful Melbourne weather. I must admit that we never worry about the rain here as it's much needed to fill the dams and all the tanks we have here, though with the move into town in another week and mains water, that may be a different story!! Take care. Liz...


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