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Monday, July 11, 2011

Little boxes - coloured ones at that

There is a long history associated with bathing boxes or beach huts as they are know in some parts of the world and a few weekends ago two of those lovely bathing boxes that sit on the foreshore at Brighton beach south of the Melbourne CBD were sold.  For something that is quite small and can only be owned by a ratepayer of that council they fetched an enormous amount of money  

Looking at pictures of the coloured boxes lined up along the sea front reminds me of the 'painted houses' we saw last year - those that line the older streets of St John's in Newfoundland.  Most of the houses in the coastal 'outports' were painted like this but it was fun to see so many in long lines like these. 

I'd been told they were known as 'jellybean houses' painted the same bright colour as the owner's fishing boat so they'd recognise them when they got back into port. Never did get that verified tho lol

All photos will enlarge with a click

The dock area is at the bottom of this street - thats the bow (the front) of the cruise ship you can see there. 
What I did find intriguing was this 'double storm door' I saw on a house - the front entry door was set at a right angle to the street inside a little porch with another door on the face of the house to protect it.

 But look at this space saving, ingenious and inventive idea - the window is set into the corner of this house.  You can tell it doesn't take much to impress or amuse me lol

Have you been anywhere recently that impressed you?


  1. Love, love, love this post of bathing boxes (never before heard of) and delightful "jelly bean" houses.

  2. I thought this post was about my home town for a minute. I live in Brighton and Hove u.k.and we also have the coloured beach huts, I know they are asking a huge amount for them. They used to be rented out and them the council got all greedy and decided to sell them.
    Lovely post, love the clap board houses.

  3. Wonderful post. Perhaps the various colors are for those arriving home after too much to drink!

    The door arrangement for the bright yellow house surely is to keep the weather out when someone is coming or going or during a storm. I've seen similar in Norway as I am sure it is in other parts of the world that get very cold.

  4. Very interesting, but as I looked at the jelly houses a song came to mind from long ago and I hope I can get it out of my head!

    ".... there's a blue one, and a pink one and a green one and a yellow one, and they're all made of ticky tacky and they all look the same.." Don't know if that song was popular there or not.

  5. Interesting post Cathy, thanks for bringing it to my attention. How fortunate you have been able to visit. Can't believe that corner window, so cute. They get more than their fair share of snow out there.

  6. What an interesting post! My that yellow one was very bright, wasn't it? I like the styles of the boxes, but I'm not sure I'd like how close they are together.

  7. I love the quirkey window, and how clever is the door to keep the wind and water out.
    No I havnt been to Harewood again its something I drive by all the time by just never had the time to visit.

  8. G'day Cathy. Great photo's. I didn't realise that the bathing boxes had been sold. I am sure they were worth a fortune. That window is great, it's using the most of the available space I guess. I bet you wouldn't see something like that anywhere else.I love it. Take care. Liz...

  9. love jellybean row! your post is making me homesick


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