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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An emotional female

There's one thing I love about my cat Kiera
She certainly knows how to make her feelings known

The past week I've been gathering up things to take away with us.
so theres a pile of bits and pieces out on the back deck

Things like foldable chairs, the Esky,
two large plastic boxes that fit in the boot of the car
rubber thongs/flip flops that have just had a scrub 
a large raffia sunhat 
plus other paraphenalia

Sitting amongst all this stuff is her carry box
So - somehow or another
she is aware
that she's also going in the car

Not with us on the 4 day, 4500 kms drive
to the warmth of Far North Tropical Queensland
but up the road to the boarding cattery
Hence this attitude - worthy of a five year old

Here's a replay of a conversation that happened the other day
I'm sure she was giving me the cold shoulder
What do mean - whats the matter?
No, I'm not in a mood
I'm just sitting here minding my own business
on my own little mat in front of the fire
Its freezing outside and its so lovely and warm here
and I might just settle down for a snooze
This is bliss
So much better than Sheila's place. 
(Holly Lodge Boarding Cattery)
I know she's lovely and will look after me
But I'm not the only one there
I don't have her undivided attention 
Can't you see how comfy I am
Yes, she does give me a heating pad
and I do get one of the indoor-outdoor pens
so I can sit in the sunshine and watch the birds

But it's not the same as lying here in front of the fire
In my own house
With you around to feed me and talk to me
She's not listening to a word I'm saying
looks like I'll just have to curl up in my bed for a while
Can't be that long till a meal arrives


  1. They always know! If Im packing to go away, my cat always trys to hide in the suitcase. Hes getting rather good at it.

  2. So cute. Yes, our dogs know when we are packing to go back to the ship, too. At least they can stay here with our daughter so have never been boarded.

  3. Hi Cathy, have a happy holiday.

  4. Jack (My dog) knows that the laundry sorted all over the bed means "Daddy is going to leave", he knows that when I stat cooking supper, that he can start watching for Daddy. Jill and the cat don't react like this, so I guess it's a Jack thing. DC will turn her back on me if I don't feed her right away, or brush her, or give her water - you know she's upset!

    Have a great get-a-way!

  5. Wow it sounds like the boarding cattery is quite nice. I might like to go there myself and be waited on hand and foot especially since ship travel is not my favorite thing. Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  6. Lovely photos of Kiera, she's got such beautiful sleek fur!
    Doesn't take long for them to read the signs does it.
    Bet you can't wait to get up North to the warmth - have fun :D)

  7. So glad I'm not the only dotty one who makes thier cat do the talking. lol

    Have a nice break.

  8. Having 18 cats we always leave one of us at home but if we have a move around or a sort out, then they sulk ...each in a very individual way.

    Had to smile to see your fire on and your temps being 11 ...we are in the middle of summer and the heating is off ...and we are averaging 14. Ok we have had one or three days that actually reached beyond 20 but then we have had a couple that were only 11....not that we over here are obsessed by the weather lol.

  9. Ah, your darling Kiera is more a typically well loved cat than an emotional female. She keeps an eye on what Her humans get up to, and is noticing the changes to Her home's routine, and the stuff that usually lives in other places.

    I keep Zebby's cat cage under the table (storing some of my wool stash) and he only protests once put into a car.

    Does Kiera then "sing" all the way the the cattery? My daft, darling Zeb sure does!

    I hope you all have safe and happy journeys to your holiday places,

    Micehlle and Zebby Cat, xxx and puRRRRRumbles

  10. Listening perhaps but she's a very smart kitty. Lovely photos of her Cathy.

  11. Hope your kitty (Burmese?)does better while you are gone than ours did while we were gone. She sulked and refused to eat for about a week and lost a lot of weight (and she was little to begin with). Yours looks very "healthy" indeed! LOL

  12. I just returned, yesterday, from an eight-day vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My little Layla (a schnoodle-dog) stayed next door with her friends "Miley" and "Chester," whose "parents" were also away. Of course, someone came in to feed them and to let them out. I wish there was a hidden camera in the house so that we could see what they did all week.

    Yes, they do know when we're going somewhere.

    Hope your trip went well and that Kiera was happy to see you when you picked her up.

  13. Your cat seems to know how to play on your doubts and feeling of guilt. I feel guilty leaving my dog behind. My cats I am less sympathetic with. They go outside with ample food and water (in necessary a neighbour keep it supplied.) Othewise, they are on their own. Such is the price of freedom. Their life may be shortened but they are free to be "wild" outside.

  14. What a lovely story. I was quite carried away !

  15. Emotional female cat and very smart as well.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons


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