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Friday, June 10, 2011

My reasons for making the bed

When we were talking the other day and I mentioned how I felt a lot more relaxed about having the bed made I didn't tell you that it doesn’t get made as soon as I get up – the covers are pulled back so it airs – then any clothes are picked up - and on it goes - in fact it’s often one of the last things I do before Dh or I go out but I don’t leave it till the afternoon (or even the evening) the way I used to.  

So while I was making it the other day I began to think of several reasons why I should and do make it. 
  • Yes it does give the room a really nice tidy look and that was my main objective
  • And there's the peace of mind when I open the front door - no more shutting it when the doorbell rings.
Now If you do an online search you will find lots of reasons like the ones above for making the bed but besides them I've found out there are other benefits to this new 'habit.
  • I know where to find the hot water bottles - There’s no more digging around the bottom of the bed or falling over them when they are on the floor at the side of the bed –they now have their own little spot at the front of the wardrobe.
  • I know where my pyjamas are. There’s no more wondering if I put them in the wash and need to get clean ones out or tripping over them on the floor beside the bed – they (clean ones or used ones with another night left in them) are now put under the pillow where they are easily seen when I’m getting undressed.
  • It gives me a chance for play time with Kiera.  She has immense fun trying to get under the covers and the pillows when they are being put back into place.  How could you resist not messing around with someone as sweet as this?
Who when she has finished messing up the tidy bed
looks at you with those half closed eyes
and promptly falls asleep lol
  • And of course it gives me some equal opportunity/ quality time with Dh as I often get him to give me a hand.  Its at these 'fun' times I get to hear how sleeping in the same creases is an art learned in the forces and how they would press a crease in their trousers by putting them under the mattress.  Actually my motive for getting him to help is just so he doesn’t think it’s only my place to do it – after all half the creases (and lots of times the clothes) are his lol  
How about you - are there things you do now that didn't get done before?


  1. G'day Cathy. Your bed looks very neat and tidy and I like the floral bedspread. I like to make my bed before going to work of a morning,it always makes me feel better when I am ready to hop in it at night to see a nice inviting bed. Love the cat. Take care. Liz...

  2. Cathy, thanks for visiting my blog, it always makes me hurry on over to yours to see your fun posts.

    I love a fresh made bed also, but mine doesn't get done until a couple of cups of coffee and a half hour at my computer (or more). Things are much more likely to NOT get done since I retired than they did while I was working. I keep thinking, "I've got all day to do that", and somehow the day passes too quickly.

  3. Hooray - Kiera "helps" you just like cats I have known in the past.

    My Zebby's method is to wait until I change the sheets, and then sprawl out on each layer of bedding I try to put onto our bed - to the extent that I have to physically lift him over to the other side from where I've been working as I spread sheets and then quilts on to "our bed".

    Ah well - Zeb is only part Burmese (% unknown, just like his age). These photos of Ziera remind me of Zebby's physical Burmeseness - only Zeb has way more tum!!!

  4. I've just renamed your darling Kiera - sorry, gorgeous Burmese Darling, my brain know that you are Kiera (not Ziera, which is a brand of shoes (once were Kumfs, still my favs))

    Mickle and Zebby, xxxxx and purrrrumbles

  5. In days gone by, I used to make the bed, as soon as I got out of it, but that was before Jack. Jack, and now, Jack and Jill start their play and the bed is their favorite place to romp, take naps, and play "Monster in the blanket". The door must stay open because my puckity is in there, so........... I make it, just before I climb in at night.

  6. Your bedroom is so pretty, I love the floral pattern of your cover

    I don't get time to make my bed in the week but I do like to leaveit tidily folded back for a good airing and I love how it looks on a Sunday when I put fresh linen on just before I have a long hot shower, grab a book and slip under the covers... it makes the thought oof Monday a bit better!

  7. A beaut post, thanks Cathy.
    Oh, you've raised many wonderful advantages of making the bed.
    It's the not tripping over cushions, clothes and shoes is what eventually stirs my stumps and makes me tidy up ;-)

  8. I make the bed because I like to get into a made bed at night. I also like to keep my Great Dane off the sheets. If not I get a mild allergic reaction to the dog fur. Her spending a lot of time sleeping on top of my comforter doesn't get the same reaction from me.

  9. Making the bed makes me thankful for the duvet ! I remember sheets,bottom and top, blankets, eiderdowns foot warmers and counterpanes and bedmaking was a real chore. In fact my grandma used to have a special pinny she only wore when she made the beds !

  10. My mum always made her bed with 'hospital corners'. You have a very pretty, light and airy looking bedroom, and I love the bedspread.


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