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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ouch - sore thighs

One of my 'favourite' classes at the gym is Body Pump
As the explanation below says it's a class where you exercise in time to music using a barbell and weights 

is a 60-minute non-impact class
 designed to give your body a complete workout using barbells and weights to music

So after doing a class early yesterday morning 
(not my first class ever but my first at the new gym)
and even tho' I kept the weights low, my body is now reminding me that the effects of said class are not quite the same as using free weights or exercise equipment:(

Being in a class situation means I put far more energy and enthusiasm into whatever I'm doing than if I just 'go it alone' in the gym

Please don't ask me to pick up something from off the ground  
My thighs are not in the mood !

Could be something to do with squats and lunges lol

Do you put more effort into things when in a group
or do you work better on your own? 


  1. At least you are able to do the squats and lunges -- my knees complain bitterly if try anything like that. I can only maintain a workout schedule if I join a class. I can walk with my husband on mornings I don't go to the class, but several sets of free weights that I bought for working out at home when I can't get to the gym gather dust on the shelf, and have done for quite some time.

  2. Hi Cathy! Thank you for stopping by and for the advice... I go away for a little bit and blogger falls apart! LOL ;O) I hope they work these little problems out soon... but you just never know. I could never get into going to a gym and working out with others, I like to work out with no distractions other than my own. my husband always tells me "no pain no gain" and I always tell him... "I would rather sit and lift chocolates to my mouth" LOL! Have a nice day! hugs, Jennifer

  3. I think it depends on how I feel. A group if they're friends. If strangers, uh, No. I can't do that. I don't like how I'm ogled. *shudder*

    So, for the most part, all by me onesie! :D

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  4. Ouch, I feel your pain and all I did was crawl around on the floor looking for some tiny gems! Squats? My knee would totally give out, so you must be in pretty good shape, nothing broken or sprained!

    Think I would like to do program with a small group of friends, not some strangers laughing at my bat wings under their breath.

  5. G'day Cathy. I applaud you going to the gym.I think I would do better with friends other than with people I didn't know. I went to Weight Watchers many moons ago with a good friend and the competition to lose the most weight was good for me, it kept me on the straight and narrow. Where is she now when I need her? Take care. Liz...

  6. Hi Cathy, sorry to hear your poor muscles are giving you what for!!
    Guess you'll stay motivated by going to a gym.
    I've attended classes at the local community centre and once committed, it's motivating to keep attending.
    All the best and good on you for doing it too :D)

  7. Most definitely. I'm much more apt to stick with it when I'm in a group. Going it alone is boring.

  8. I think you're wonderful for going to this exercise class and I hope your sore thighs go away once you get used to the new class. When I am in a group I tend to go at my own pace because I never could keep up with the instructor, though I tried my best. I have to be careful these days due to sprained ankles, bad knees and a hip that just won't stop complaining ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my bird post. The little red guy, the Cardinal, as you guessed, is the male. The female is still very pretty but is mostly brown with a hint of the red.

  9. I admire your commitment to such self inflicted pain. I wish I could get motivated.


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