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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Looking back

June is the time I begin to cut back my roses
They are looking very straggly so this little trim will do them good
They will get their very short winter cut next month
Just before we go up north to Queensland to escape the cold weather here in Melbourne 

So to tide me over till next Spring when they start to bloom again 
I thought I'd revisit some of the ones I set out on a little table in the hallway

These were picked during January and February 2011

I must remember to move that blind hook to the other side of the door where it won't be visible lol

can be found at the link above


  1. Oh, now these are just downright gorgeous Cathy!

  2. Hi Cathy, those are the most beautiful flower arrangements. You also definitely have a green thumb in the garden as your roses are gorgeous and I see some other pretty ones in there too. You've brightened up my morning, thank you.

  3. Roses were my mother's favorites and I remember buying her a beautiful lavender rose bush for a birthday years ago. Your bouquets are just gorgeous! A story to tell. I planted a climbing rose at the trellis at church, and it was doing quite well. The pastor decided it was doing "too good" -- and without asking me first -- he pruned the heck out of it and ruined it: the canes for beautiful grafted rose died and original root stock, which was "ugly" grew instead. Eventually the whole thing just died and it was a blessing

  4. Nice re-visit! You always have such pretty flowers in your Summer!

    (I never noticed the blind hook - till you mentioned it...)

  5. They look stunning, I have to cut back all my roses too. I dont like that job, they bite!
    But it has to be done.

  6. G'day Cathy. Just gorgeous, that's all I can say.Take care. Liz...

  7. Very lovely arrangements.

    About the Saskatoon Bushes: There are domestic varieties as well. The ones growing at my place are wild.


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