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Sunday, June 5, 2011

21 Days they say

‘They’ say it takes about 21 days to make or break a habit

Well I must say it seemed to take more than 21 days for me to get into the habit of making our bed every morning but I think I have it mastered now.  Same as washing up in the evening and not leaving it all till the next morning.  Both of these ‘new habits’ certainly make me more relaxed but I still feel I need to do some more work on forming another – or do I?

Let me explain. 

When I got home early last Friday afternoon I called a friend, no answer so left a message.  Same thing happened with another friend.  I spent some time pottering about sorting out ‘stuff’ to go into bags for the op-shop/thrift shop, no sooner had I walked out the door to put it in the car when I heard the phone ring.  Let the machine take it was my reaction.

Bags went into the car; I came back inside and returned the call. 
Long chat part of which was agreeing to give her some of the ‘stuff’ I’d just put in the car so out I go again to retrieve it.  Proceed to resort ‘stuff’ on floor of hallway and the phone rings again.  Long chat to other friend. 

Dh walks in while this is taking place. Looks aghast at the mess and says he’s going back up the road and could I move my car so he can get down the drive when he gets back.  It had been raining when I got home so I parked away from the bushes (didn’t want to get wet when I got out) and there wasn’t enough room for him to drive down past me. 

Oh all right says I – let me finish this sorting and I’ll move it when the bags go back in the car.  Dagger eyes come my way along with words advising me he is only going to be up the shops a few minutes – meaning I'd like it moved before I get home lol

So up I get and look around.  Move the bags, lift lots of things, try to retrace my steps – older car so I’d physically locked the car when I originally put the bags of ‘stuff’ in there and used them to unlock it when they came back out but where were they now.  Go and look at the car door and the boot lock – not there – look around the house again – how could they just disappear? 

I will admit that I do have a habit of just dropping them and they somehow get covered with things – you know how it is.............get home and dying for a P ......................in you run, stuff gets dropped, ooh that’s better, kettle goes on, cup of tea gets drunk and the keys get forgotten.  Till you need them. 

Well to cut a long story short, I decided I’d have a hot drink to clear my mind, went to get milk from the fridge out in the laundry and guess what I saw hanging on the little hook I delegated for my car keys – are you with me??  

I’ve been trying to get into the habit of hanging them up when I come in the door so they don’t get lost and cause the same scenario I’d just gone through...........standing there I remembered that after coming back in with the bags I’d gone to the loo and automatically hung them up as I walked past the hook. 

Somehow I don’t think Dh is going to let me live this one down.!!


  1. I think a true habit is a bit of a curse. For years, I eat and then take my potassium, now, because it's so ingrained in my brain, the motion of opening the bottle, swallowing of pills - I don't know if I do it or not. Sometimes I get screwed up and take the wrong day and end up taking them again, because of my doubt and find no pills the next day.

  2. I do the same things! Most days I wonder if I'm "loosing my marbles" as Mom used to say. I can sit here at the computer and misplace things, heaven help me if I get up!

  3. My mother taught me to always make my bed first thing in the morning and my whole day would go better. That was my habit until I married Ron. His mother taught him to leave the bed unmade to allow it to properly air out. Plus he has always taken a nap during the day and so keeps the bed unmade. That has been a very hard habit for me to break.

    I had a similar key story. I looked high a low for my car keys and found them in my purse, snapped to the key snap where they were supposed to be. They are never there so I did not even look.

  4. Could be Age Activated Forgetfulness Syndrome. I'm sure someone will come up with a pill to sell us for that!

    Seriously, we all have days like that and hope no one else notices. ;)


  5. I often think that if I only had the time I've wasted looking for keys over the years, I would surely have achieved great things in life!


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