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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whats on my needles

Scarves lol
In various colours and textures
Fingerless mittens.
Such an easy pattern - basically 20 rows rib, 30 rows stocking stitch followed by 6 rows rib. Sew side seam leaving a hole for the thumb
Knitted slippers - using some gifted bright multicoloured yarn as the 1st colour and then contrasting colour from odd balls stash for 2nd. Same base - different look
More slippers but with a softer look more suitable for bedsocks. Gifted multiclour and contrasts from my stash of bits and pieces

Angela at Earthmama had a post the other day telling us about all the craft things she was making to keep friends and family warm this winter
She then asked the question - Whats on your needles?
So heres a look at my kitchen table covered in the knitting I have on the go at the moment
Looks like I'm going to busy for a while finishing them off

This post is back to front - the photos were supposed to be after the introduction but Blogger won't work properly and I've had to revert to the old one. Only problem is I can't lower the photos to write the intro lol For some reason can't link to Angela either
So like Angela, my question to you is - What's on your needles? - What are you working on at the moment ?

Anyway whatever it is - enjoy:)


  1. I gave up knitting for crocheting and I always have an afghan or two going......love to do it while I watch TV......makes me feel less useless and self indulgent.

    Have no photos at the moment but plan to take some.

    Love your projects.

  2. That all looks lovely, and I even understand the pattern for the gloves now too - my friend helped show me (remind me from my childhood) how to knit yesterday and I am a bit hooked now!
    Got a varied selection of stitches, some intentional, some not so - thats whats on my needles.
    Take care
    Sarah x

  3. I enjoyed reading your knitting post. You took such lovely photos of your work too - on the lace tablecloth. Very nice, Cathy.

  4. Aren't you the busy knitter. Os knitting a Winter activity? First sign of cooler weather and it is the couch you head for and pick up you needles.

    I have a neighbour that knits the slippers. I bought several of them for all the children that visited my house in those years.

  5. wow your as bad as I am. Dont you just love winter. My slippers are crochet so there are no seams. I will post more pic in the future.

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  7. You have a nice lot of knitting projects.
    Thank you for the fingerless gloves - brrrrr, the cold winds we're getting in East Gippsland at the moment, will need them. Think it's chilly over your way too!

    We use our knitted slippers a lot. They're such a great idea.

    The only knitting I have is a half finished square that will end up being something. I haven't picked up my needles for ages... however, your post has started me thinking :D)

  8. Thank you for the pattern for the fingerless gloves, I meant to say. Hmmmm, definitely time for a cuppa! ;-)

  9. Hi Cathy, I've been having lots of problems with Blogger and wasn't able to leave a comment until now. I love all your current projects and have posted pictures of what's on my needles at the moment on my blog - that took many hours of waiting for Blogger to respond!


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