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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So are the days of our life

I've spent lots of time away from the computer this last couple of weeks - taking advantage of the sunny, dry warmish days we have had - days that were nicer than all this past summer's days put together - outside clearing and tidying things up before the weather really changes. 

Mind you on May Day we woke to a delicious red sky 
This is how it looked when I opened the curtains near the computer
The next day the skies looked like this
And then on the third I couldn't see any further than my nose!
Oh the joys of Autumn mornings lol

Have joined a new gym much closer to home - smaller than the  last one but with all the same facilities and classes I had before without the crowding - I walk in there to be greeted by smiling reception staff and when I walk out they say goodbye - such a change from before and I love it. Makes me want to go back and the fees are less as well - so I'm smiling all the way to good health lol  

Yep these are the views of the days of our life at the moment lol


  1. Beautiful views too Cathy. The crisp Autumn mornings present such great photo opportunities don't they!

    Hi Cathy, thank you for joining my blog. It was a nice surprise this morning. Have just been having a look through yours - really enjoyable!

    Cheerio for now, Susan :D)

  2. Crisp Autumn. We are struggling to spring here, but thaere was frost last night! My lone tomato plant is here in the house with me!!

  3. lovely photos. We have had some wonderful foggy mornings here too. If its ever going to be foggy its here we must live in a little valley as we can have pea soup here and only 10ks away in cranbourne its bright. But I love it anyway

  4. I love a good sunrise/sunset picture Cathy and yours is one of the best.

    We have decided not to sell our place after a dismal response from the agent that we engaged to do the job. Now we are thinking about solar or wind power to try to cut down the expenses. Isn't it weird, have to spend to save ???

  5. Wow - such dramatic differences in a matter of days. We're well into our Spring here with lovely days ahead. Soon though, our hot, humid summer will have us wishing for a taste of Fall again. Enjoy your nice cooler weather!

  6. Hi Cathy. Loved the autumn photos and thought I would see if leaving a comment works for me. goodnightgram


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