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Friday, May 27, 2011

Red sky in the morning

Red sky at night
Shepherd's delight
Red sky in the morning
Sailor's warning

Remember that one?
(I know there are other versions but that the one I remember)
I'm not sure where I 'learnt' it as a child but it's been stuck in my mind for a long time

So do you think that old saying is True or False?
Heres a reasonable explanation that even I can understand lol

Whether you believe the explanation or not
there are days when it just happens to prove itself
Take a look at what was coming up over the trees very early in the morning one day last week  
And here we are a couple of hours later
A little bit of blue accompanied by a lot of greyish looking clouds
Thinking it had got rather dark inside the house a couple of hours later
I had another look outside and found this
No wonder I needed the lights on lol

Its quite a while since I've taken part but I'm sure
There are other skies to see here


  1. Hiya Cathy,

    I believe in them.

    Do you know the one:

    If the Ash is out before the Oak,
    you can expect a real soak.

    If the Oak is out before the Ash,
    you only get a litle splash.

    Well, our Oak was definitely completely out before the Ash showed buds.
    And we are having a drought.

  2. Yes I know them too. Great pictures

  3. Yes, your explanation works for me, but not as accurate as it used to be due to increase in pollution!.....:(

    However, whatever created your sunrise I appreciate it!....:)

  4. nice post for skywatch!!! Have a great weekend! Hoping you can visit @ my little corner.

  5. Yes I always believed that saying. But as they originated in the northen hemisphere, I wonder should be be flipping it around for down under. Hmmmm Great photos thought.

  6. My Dad used to say that, and my Mom and my Grandparents.... think it has to be a very old saying. I do know that we have the beautiful pink sunset, the following day is clear and wonderful.

  7. Either way, I love the red sky at the time! I worry about the delight or warning when it happens.

  8. Yep and I believe in them also~!

  9. I heard that too when I was young and somehow it happened right all the time ^_^ Great sky shots!

    Sky Watch

  10. I live on the east coast of the US near the Atlantic Ocean and the sun rises over the ocean. Our fisherman who are going out in boats pay attention to the sky at sunrise because when it's red it means there are clouds out over the ocean which means that you're likely to get caught in a storm if you go out. The red sky at night is a sailor's delight because it means the clouds are on the land side and it's a pretty safe bet that tomorrow will be a nice day. I don't know where it originated from, but it works over here - most of the time.

  11. old saying is true of course,

    people are all different, not everyone agrees.
    which is no big deal.

    friends share similar values.
    cheers, love your post.

  12. Check out our short story slam today,

    We love creativity, your input is valued.

    Happy Friday!
    Hope to see you in!

  13. My dad was a sailor in the Navy and we lived on the West coast (California) and he used to say that all the time; I know it comes from a passage in the Bible...

    "When in evening, ye say, it will be fair weather: For the sky is red. And in the morning, it will be foul weather today; for the sky is red and lowering.”


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