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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Have a drink on me!

May 24th was my Mum's birthday
She reached the grand age of 80 
The way of the world during those 80 years 
meant that some were good and others were bad
She made do, had fun and enjoyed her life as best she could 

Unfortunately she had to leave this land a few years ago
When she left us she met up with Dad
and they now have a little spot together on a grassy hill
where they can watch the world go by
The photo below is one I took a few years ago just after Dad had died
I went back to England for a while to check on Mum and
she took me round to see where he was buried

Such a beautiful graveyard with the church up above it
Thats the grassy hill where they both lie

Only thing is my sister tells me its now full 
theres not one inch of space left
Its such a popular place people are dying to get in there:) 
We never made a big thing about birthdays in our house
but Mum and Dad would sometimes celebrate at the local pub
Quite frequently lol

And see that white building with the old fashioned black framework
Right across the road from the graveyard
Well thats the local pub lol
Mum and I didn't always see eye to eye
There was many a fight whilst I was growing up
Funny but when her grandchildren and great grandchildren came along
she sort of mellowed
No sign of the person I knew her to be

Anyway putting all those past differences behind me
I'll raise a glass in her memory this evening

Sad she couldn't be down at the pub to enjoy the evening
She loved a drink, did our Alice lol

just click on the photos to enlarge 


  1. memories good and not so good, warm the heart.
    We miss them when they go, but Im sure your mum and dad will raise a glass with you. Im sure they are happy together now and very proud of you.

  2. Happy birthday to your Mum Cathy. That's a beautiful last resting place. I still miss the old English pubs. Thanks for visiting. Your right about the Apache blessing being very similar to an Irish one. That struck me when I found it.

  3. I'll raise a glass to your Mum, too. I'll wait until after noon. It's early here in the States.
    Blogger didn't let me comment, so I tried anonymous.

  4. Your entry reminds me of the song "parting glass'. Looks like a beautiful place to be laid to rest.

  5. That looks like such a peacefull place. I think fights and daughters just go together, but those grandchildren can do no wrong! Happy Birthday to your dear Mum.

  6. What a beautiful churchyard and lovely memories for you. I share your Mum's birthday so I raised a glass also last night.
    Sarah x

  7. Well, at least you can now enjoy two for her :) I'm usually put off by the thought of cemeteries, but this is actually quite cute and quaint. I can see why it filled up so fast!

  8. You just had to go and mention "dumplings". Why? Now I have this immense craving for chicken and dumplings. Doggone it. Lovely post about your parents. Have you read "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman? "Tina" mentions "The Parting Glass." Oh my, what a beautiful song. We heard the Waylin' Jennies sing that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4egb2gpIg4 in concert. Whew.

  9. A lovely post Cathy. Nice of you to share your memories.


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