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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Honouring your forefathers

Travelling in Alaska last year I discovered a very new staue/monument in Ketchikan that was a lot bigger than many I've seen before.

Called 'The Rock' it does just that - it honours the lives of citizens who formed the population of the town in the early years
'The Rock' was designed to honor in life-size 7-figures from Ketchikan's past: Chief Johnson, The Logger; The Fisher, The Miner, The Aviator, A Native Elder Woman, and an Elegant Lady. The principle artists were David Rubin, Terry Pyles and Judy Rubin.
It sits on the dock close to the town centre near to where the cruise ships are moored
Salmon fishing and gold mining brought their forefathers there and this was a great way for the town to honour them

It is a lovely work of art and certainly brings home to visitors the sort of people who were the pioneers and early residents of Ketchikan

Do any of you have such memorials in your town?


  1. Very nice post. :)

    Yes, we have some lovely ones here in Cincinnati. You post reminds me we should go take some pictures of them.

  2. I love monuments like this....very cool! And i love the stories they tell.

  3. Growing up I loved to visit my grandparents in Ponca City, OK and visit The Pioneer Woman statue. http://www.pioneerwomanmuseum.com/thestatue.htm

  4. Impressive bronze statues! :O)

  5. Nice pic. We have a monument down for Robert A Long, who founded Longview in 1926. He came out from the east bought land, laid out a town and developed his mill businesss. He donated the Longview Community Church, Longview Library, and the Longview Post Office. The entire town was laid out, planned out around a "wagon wheel" which is ike an English roundabout.

    Gregg Metcalf
    Colossians 1:28-29

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  6. a busy statue! but interesting!

  7. That is a wonderful sculpture, my daughter is selling cookies and cake to help put a sign up at the sculpture for the artist and a bit about the significance of this message to our island. Thanks for posting such beautiful pics ~ must see this one from all angles to fully appreciate :)


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