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Friday, April 8, 2011

G Words and Guess What

Looking for G words has been fun - I thought you'd like to see some weird and wonderful ones I found and have a guess at their meanings. 

To predict without sufficient information

The embossed decoration or flurting on silverware

Being full of beer

The dimple in the cheek that appears when one smiles

Fortune telling by means of laughter

Guess - theres that word again
To predict without sufficient information

So - do you think you could you guess when this photo was taken?

If your answer was 50 years ago your guess was correct lol
April 8th 1961
I don't think we've weathered too badly do you??

My Mother had her doubts about it lasting
I can safely say we proved her wrong 


  1. Isn't it great to prove people wrong? lol...you must have been a very young bride to be married 50years ago. WOW! Congratulations.

  2. Beautiful wedding pictures! and you both look so sweet together...then and now! Happy anniversary and many more. :o)

  3. That is such an adorable picture! I love your tea length gown. Where did you get married! It nice to find a blog that didn't have 200 likers already. I don't feel like I help at all when I like them. I have 6 whole likers now Whoo HOO

  4. You were a great looking couple then and still are now. :) Happy anniversary!

  5. You both were beautiful 50 years ago, but now you are utterly gorgeous.

    Congratulations on your looks AND your relationship.

  6. Lovely post. Great pics, too. So funny about mom not thinking it will last! ;-)

  7. Oh my gosh! Congrats on 50 years. :) My mom didn't think my marriage would last either. We will celebrate 23 years this summer.

  8. Hello Cathy
    thanks so much for your concern over my not posting. First we both had some kind of virus, not a cold more like flu but not flu if you can understand me. Knocked us both out for a couple of weeks.
    Then I got a real bad computer virus that wouldn't allow me to do any thing, so had to get it fixed.
    Nearly back to normal so will be posting shortly.
    I love you wedding photo's, where did all the years go? as for wearing well, you both look okay to me, still looking happy and in good shape.
    My husbands parents were dead against our marriage, they put a ban on me visiting for a year but it didn't work, we have been together for 50 years now and still feel the same way about each other.

  9. Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures. Congrats on 50 years of wedded bliss. Quite an accomplishment. I enjoyed your A to Z posts and plan to return to see the rest of them.

  10. I love this post. You two are a beautiful couple. Congratulations on 50 years! :)


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