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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Change of seasons - Winters coming ready or not

Yes its that time of the year again
We changed our clocks last night - Autumn has arrived - well actually, officially it has been Autumn since March 1st here in Australia but once those clocks are changed (backwards in our case) as far as I'm concerned everything seems to go downhill - in my mind that time change really means that Winter won't be far away lol

This past week or two the days  have been very changeable - some fine and sunny and quite warmish and then others really cool and leaving us wondering if it was time to turn the heating on:(
The cricket season is over, the winter sports season has begun and it will be a while before I can walk the beach in shorts and tshirts, like I did in Adelaide recently, wondering who had walked there before me.
I can never phathom out how bare feet can make a raised imprint in the sand
Does anyone know the answer?

And look at the size of this footprint lol
No, now I'll be indoors wondering whats for dinner and how long is it going to take to cook.  Soup is good all year round but especially when its cool and you need something warm and nourishing. 
Yesterday we finished all the Pumpkin Soup I made back at the end of February so with half a butternut ready to be used I decided to try a different recipe this time.  And for fun I used one from another of the cook books that fell off the shelf lol

This time it was Deliciously Natural by Prue Sobers  - from the same era as Taste of Life that I used last month.  The cooking style and food ideas are similar - lots of good healthy recipes and ideas - why I gave up using it I don't know, the recipes certainly haven't gone out of fashion. 

A much simpler version and I didn't go as far as adding the milk.  After I'd blended the soup I divided it and popped it in the freezer - managed to get four good helpings each which was great.  When I defrosted the chicken stock I remembered I'd tossed in a handful of McKenzie's  soup mix as it was cooking so along with all the chicken meat I scrapped off the carcass the soup will be really filling.  I'll add the milk and nutmeg when we actually come to eat it. 

Bye for now
I'm off to plan a trip to Queensland - we are 'wintering' there this year and I can't wait.
Oh I know its a while off yet and Winter isn't here yet but I have to iron all those shorts and tshirts I wore recently and get them ready to walk the beaches in Bowen - in July that is.
Winter up there is definitely warmer than winter down here in Melbourne!


  1. I love the change of seasons, but Summer and Fall are always my favorites. Your barefoot beach imprints make me look forward to the warm Spring weather we are getting ready for here in the States. It's been unseasonably cool the last couple of weeks but the warmth is on its way. Yeah!

  2. What a lovely post. We are just at the other side of the year, of course. We like soup all year, too. No clue about those footprints!


  3. We're experiencing the opposite here as springis in the air and the rainy season is pretty much over. Maybe those footprints belong to a race of people walking on the other side of the sand.

  4. We have the same kind of weather here, one day warm, the next day cold. Today, if I shut my eyes, I could believe we are having a blizzard out there, the wind is blowing so hard! We are transitioning into Spring, it's 81F right now - beautiful - except for the wind. Tomorrow the temps will drop and it will be cold again!

    How nice that you get to "winter over" in a warmer climate! Happy planning!

  5. Have lots of fun up north in the sun. but Im thinking you will be getting lots of rain, if the recent few months are anything to go by.

  6. And, we're just starting to get our warm weather (read, hot, 'cause NC rarely has a long spring!). Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

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