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Monday, March 7, 2011

Tuesday in Boronia

I had to pop down to Boronia the other day
Its a leafy foothills suburb not far from where I live

I'd ordered a book that could have been delivered closer but I decided to drive over, pick it up and visit a friend at the same time.  We are lucky in that all the outer east libraries belong to the same 'group' called funnily enough Eastern Regional Libraries which means we can borrow and return to any of them.   

Now its quite a while since I'd been to their library so driving in I was quite taken with what they'd done with some of the old trees near the car park

Instead of completely felling them - the council took another approach
Have a look at the wonderfully creative carvings that have been done

Enormous ABC letters and a wise old owl on one of the forks
along with a stack of books and a huge pencil on the others

There were others there but this one certainly caught my eye

Now what also caught my eye on the way home was the way the wind was messing about with the enormous Australian flag on the corner of Albert Avenue

Look at how grey the skies were as they hung low over the Dandenongs

and look at this lovely old gum tree shedding its bark in a reserve near where I'd  parked on Liverpool Road
This was my world on the first day of Autumn here in Melbourne
Tuesday March 1st 2011

all photos enlarge with a click

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  1. Thank you for taking me along on your drive. Great carving outside the library!

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I sure do admire how they have done that tree clump! That is really cool! We have had dark clouds hanging over since, um, Thursday, I believe. Had bunches of rain and the threat of rain and it still is dark again this morning.
    Have a good night now!

  3. thanks for taking us along. i really like gum trees.

  4. The carvings are perfect for outside a library. I love this kind of creativity.

  5. I loved seeing all your photos of a part of Australia I didn't get a chance to visit. I also love what the library did with the trees. Very nice and perfect for the place.


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