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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

That was the week that was

It’s funny how some posts generate interest and others are just run of the mill - I’ve been looking back over last week’s posts and would like to say thank you for all your recent comments and emails.

The little bereavement programme I’m associated with is a support service Sids and Kids Victoria provides – please look at this link - http://sidsandkidsvic.org/bereavement-support/treasured-babies - it will all be explained to you there. Providing ‘right sized’ layettes for these little babes who are born too soon is just part of the range of help available for families who lose a child suddenly – given to them by caring volunteers, staff and counsellors at this organization.

The Christchurch earthquake has been on our minds all week and I’m sure will continue to be so for many more weeks. The awful sadness continued today when we saw the tiniest of coffins being carried from a church – inside was the little baby boy born after the previous earthquake and taken by this one. You’ll be glad to hear Michelle finally made contact with her family.

Now from the comments on the pumpkin soup post I do believe there might be some soup-making going on around the world. You know, I can’t recall ever seeing pumpkin in a can/tin here but I’ll have a look for it - the soup I froze certainly came in handy on a couple of days this week when time got away from me.

Thanks for your advice on planting the bulbs, it’s a while since I had any on the garden – the Iris I do have are all the rhizome (sit on the surface) type and I’d forgotten about the planting as deep as the height tip.  Thanks for that Olive and Lois:)

But I do need to get my finger out where they are concerned as this week is forecast to be damp so it will good planting weather.

My chair post meant that Jan could answer my question about the one I saw in the museum – they were known as Morris chairs thanks to a man called William Morris. Often its not the weird and wonderful and expensive but those everyday things that we treasure - so I’m glad ordinary items bring back memories for others.

Most of us seem to agree that silence is golden when we need to concentrate but doing several things at a time comes easily to us - is that a female thing from necessity:).

And who knew the answer to weight loss was so simple lol
See you again another day


  1. Cathy, I always enjoy your posts. Our blog community is made up of so many good folks out here and you are one of the nicest ones I know.

  2. Hi Cathy! Great catch-up post! Your blog is so comfortable to read, kind of like having you here, visiting on my front porch.

  3. Until I read an American recipe book years ago I had never heard of canned pumpkin either I just thought why not cook some up.


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