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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is it only mine that does this?

I had the new fridge/freezer and the washing machine delivered Tuesday of last week (February 22nd) and before they arrived we had to move the others out on to the back deck
That left a nice gap and as always happens a grubby floor - can't have the delivery man see that so I set to and gave it and the wall a wash
But guess what I see where the fridge/freezer had been
I think you can see it too - a half finished painting job
Bet he thought I'd never find it
Theres no point in complaining
I do remember him saying the paint had run out
And what I don't see won't matter that much lol

Its a little bit of a squeeze
but I'm sure we will manage
And as for the half finished skirting board
I know it will be fixed next time we paint the laundry
At least I hope it will lol

Any half finished jobs in your house?
Did you notice I hadn't changed the date in the first photo?


  1. Oh, we just got through a big job here. We had a new bathroom put in on the third floor where our daughter lives. We also had the entire third floor painted and new carpeting installed. It looks wonderful up there now, but it was an "unfinished project" for several weeks. This is a single family home, but large enough to always have some project going on.

    Your new appliances look wonderful! I also see a crock pot in the corner. We had crock pot beef stew yesterday. Oh, what comfort food on a chilly evening!


  2. Unfinished jobs.... let me see, ah, yep, my womb still lacks transition piece between room and closet, and there is no new light fixture - just a bare bulb. Then there is the kitchen trim that's not completed from well over a year ago, oh yes - not completely painted and no handles on cabinet above the fridge. I could go on and on. Really tired of "That's good enough". :(

    I love your fridge BTW! Very nice!!!

  3. Is that a cross stitch I spy on the work top, I think I recognise that from a cross stich mag I once had, am I right?
    As for unfinished painting, well, sit him on the naughty step. lol

  4. I laughed when I read about you washing the dirty floor, I did exactly the same before I had a new washing machine delivered, now I make a point of shifting it every six months or so and cleaning underneath. I've lived in quite a few places where the skirting board paint has run out behind the appliances.

  5. Your unfinished paint job is nothing. I have: an incomplete utility room addition; an incomplete master bedroom expansion and added bathroom; an incomplete enclosed front porch; an incomplete bunk house in the barn. All of these projects are well on the way to completion but only God knows when any one of them will be finished. My spouse assures me incomplete projects are what keep us going.

  6. Hi Cathy, just found your blog and love it. I have a million unfinished jobs, skirting included. It's never ending, and we are very much diyers where possible. I do what I can hubby does the rest. I said to him one small job he gets done that I can't appeases me for awhile, but there's only so much mileage he can get out of it.



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