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Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday February 20th 2011

Sunday was the twentieth of the month – its the day I tell you about the daily happenings in my life and the all the things I got up to. Somehow I didn't get round to it yesterday evening and here it is Monday evening and I am only finishing the post.

Early Sunday morning was absolutely lovely – about 9am I took a look over the neighbour’s house at that blue sky and decided to sit right down there on the steps in the sunshine with my tea and toast.

Had a little finishing off to do on some of the tiny hats and bootie for a bereavement programme giving help and support to parents who lose a babe pre-term - I have been part of this programme for a long time now, organising volunteers and liasing with the paid staff of the charity that oversees it. Most of what I do is organisational but I do do some handwork if we are getting low in stocks. The tiny sets are available to assist in the loss of a really early miscarriage and are called remembrance sets

I'd also brought a new book outside to start The Plantation by Di Morrissey - didn't get much read tho - as being sunny and warm means my shadow is never far away and she didn’t disappoint me. Once she'd had a snooze I was there to be played with lol

I did think about moving some of that stuff in front of me back to garage but that’s as far as it went ‘cose its still sitting there. A wet day during the week meant I dried sheets on the two clotheshorses and Dh has been fixing the whipper snipper (for my benefit he said) I think my reasoning at the time for not doing it was that I want to try it (the WS) out so there’s no point in putting it away and its bound to rain again this week so the clothes horses can stay there for the time being.
By 10.30 this is what the sky looked like and as I had to nip down the road to one of my favourite stores I had to be on my way. 
Now this isn’t something you see  everyday while you're waiting at the traffic lights  – a wooden boat in the suburbs.  Not sure where he would have been going or where he would have been but I’ve been kind and removed his interstate plates so he can’t be identified.

So here we are at one of my favourite places – no not that one, well it does have some good gardening stuff and when the kids are short of idea for birthday or Christmas one of their gift vouchers always is appreciated

Instead it was Spot*light that was calling my name  
Had to pick up some flanelette for the programme I mentioned - found it straight away but was surprised at how little materials they actually had.  Didn't seem to be anywhere near as much as usual, if I was out looking for dress or curtain materials I'd certainly have been disappointed

Just as I was coming out the heavens opened so I nipped into the electrical retailer next door and had a look at a new washing machine as well as fridge freezer.  New purchases we've been planning for about a year now.  Came home with some good prices :))

I spent the afternoon cutting the material to size, ready for someone else to overlock - and even tho it was a cool evening dinner was light, mainly because I left it to Dh lol

Later in the evening I spent an hour watching a documentary on ABC - Return to Lake Eyre - amongst other things it talked about how Lake Eyre normally a dry salt lake was full again for the second year in a row mainly because all the river systems have filled (to flood proportions in places) since the rains returned.  Last weeks one Out of the Ashes looked at how the bush has regenerated in the two years since the Black Saturday fires

Certainly not a busy day - had a fairly early night - not too good a nights sleep tho.  Had a funny dream where I could have sworn dh was telling me someone was tampering with his car outside.  I woke and thought it was real 'cose I lay there for a while wondering why he hadn't got up to look out the window or ring the police.  When I spoke to him and asked about the car he wanted to know what I was talking about - I can still hear him telling me his car was about to be stolen lol


  1. How lovely are the lil remembrance sets. With the 4 miscarriages I had (10-12 weeks) and subsequent curettes there was no after care or thought put into the emotional side of things from medical staff. In fact no one even asked how I was doing emotionally at the time.
    I think these are a lovely idea.

  2. I, too, am impressed with the remembrance sets. So very nice.

    What a lovely day you had even to the chance visit to the appliance store. :)

    I enjoy your blog so very much.


  3. What a full day you had...I think that is a wonderful program that you make booties for. Like kimmie, they didn't have anything like that where I live and there was no "after" care...they just expected you to go on with your life like it were nothing. God Bless you and your staff for acknowledging all the little angels out there....hugs, Jennifer

  4. I have never heard of anyone doing anything for women that had miscarried. It is such a traumatic time and the little sets would be such a comfort. Bless you Gals!

    It sounds like you had a good day, in spite of the rain!



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