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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Newly discovered treasure

When we moved back to this house nine years ago
a lot of my 'stuff' was left outside in the garage
I would laughingly call it In storage - or Under consideration 

I knew roughly what was out there - especially craft supplies
Good bad or evil it had to stay there
because there wasn't enough room to bring it inside

Over the years I've had little rummages through the boxes
and made some decisions
You can go - you can stay - I'll have a think about you

Just about all the knitting wool lives out there but is mostly stored in see through boxes so I can 'see at a glance' what I do have and can work with

Anyway last week I made a fabulous discovery

In a box beneath another - one that I actually thought was empty
and had been using for height (one on top of the other)
so Kiera could see out of the window
I found several pieces of Mohair fabric and also some paw pad fabric from my Teddy Bear making days
Here's three of my treasures
Roddy on the left is my very first bear
Making him helped me pass some stressful time while we living interstate 

I made the other two at classes here in Melbourne
After we returned home I was looking for something to do and discovered a lovely shop close by in Boronia called Bear Essence
(who have now moved away - down to Tooradin
not that far but unfortunately a little too far for browsing)

Anyway I had fun making them with
Monica Spicer - Monica's Attic Treasures

There's enough in each piece to make another one of my lovely friends 
but not enough for one of their big mate
The big fella is Doug
Doug jumped out and said 'hello' when he was featured in one of the Teddy magazines many years ago
He was the brainchild of Wendy Bergamin - Beargamin Bears
and at 51cm/20ins is big enough to cuddle
But look what else I found - there was more in the box
A great big piece of fur fabric large enough for another Doug
and also 2 smaller different coloured pieces for what ever takes my fancy
Over the years I've made lots of bears but these are the only ones I've kept
Doug was given to one of the grandchildren but has returned home for safe keeping 
I made him in a fur fabric and he's been squeezed and squashed that much his poor legs don't support him any longer

You know, I might not use all or even any of this lovely treasure this year but at least I know it's there if I ever get the urge again

Has anyone else ever come across 'long lost - newly discovered' treasure 


  1. Hi Cathy
    Doug looks like he's in charge but the other three have such lovely faces, is this a reflection of your own nature I wonder.
    I have made bears in the past, I made a old fashioned one with the long legs and arms in mohair and the fluff just got everywhere.
    Thank you for sharing these, they are lovely.

  2. Every now and then, I will find something and it's "Oh! I thought we threw that away" or "Wow, I forgot I had that!". Of course, the older I get.......... :-)

  3. Oooooh my fav one is the little light coloured one sitting n front of big Doug! Too sweet!

  4. I never dreamed regular people could make their own teddy bears!

  5. All the time! Twice a year I will take every piece of fabric in my sewing room and refold and stack it neatly. This is no small task. I have it all seperated into types, then weights (bottom weight and top weight), then in colors. As I am inspore I will pull pieces out and put them back haphazardly just to get on to the next project. I have been told that one could actually shop in my sewing room .....

  6. They are wonderful! One of them looks so much like the one I had as a child. I remember when I thought I was old enough to give it up and have regretted that moment for the rest of my life.

  7. Cathy, your post has brought back a happy memory for me. When my first Grandson was born I got the urge to make him a teddy with jointed arms and legs. Now, not being one to mark out the guide spots on patterns, his legs ended up somewhere near his armpits (!!) It was the strangest looking teddy ever. Not wanting to undo all the stuffing etc. I decided to give it to him. HE LOVED IT TO BITS. Over the years he sucked on the ears and paws, which were mended and patched by his Mum, making him all the more strange looking.
    After 37 years (since he was born) he STILL has him. It makes me very glad that I didn't un-pick the mistake I made all those years ago. It brought a tear to my eyes when I found out that he still treasures him.
    Your teddies are so professionally made, they look delightful. Well done.

  8. I only live 5 minutes from tooradin, so if you ever venture down let me know and we can meet for a coffee.
    Your bears are wonderful

  9. Your bears are so handsome! I have always had a tendency to collect bears and made a couple of them when I was a teen. Seeing your creations makes me want to explore the idea of making more...especially now that I have grand kids.

    Newly discovered treasures? It wasn't lost that long and probably sounds ridiculous but I would have to say my food processor.

    When I was packing out some of my dad's things my sister really pushed for me to take it saying I am the only one in the family that really cooks. I finally relented but couldn't imagine when I would ever use it. Now that I am choosing my food differently I was commiserating to myself how nice it would be to have more than a blender and all of a sudden that processor popped into my head. I had shoved it, packing box and all into the the back of a cabinet and completely forgot it was there.
    Yesterday I got it out and I am having so much fun with it.


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