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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New twist to an old favourite

The other week when the cookery books came tumbling down I 'found' some I hadn't seen for ages.  One or two of them I knew had 'healthy' type recipes and knowing I'd got into a bit of a rut with food and finding it hard to come up with something different  for our main meals  I thought just for a change I might have a go at using them again.

This was the first one I decided to use 
 Taste of Life
Julie Stafford
This edition is dated 1989 and has stains on some of the pages
so I must have used it in the past lol

Now, as much as I would like it to, living here in Melbourne, I have to realise Summer won't last forever; Autumn is definitely going to be here soon and the weather is certainly going to cool off.

With half a butternut pumpkin in the fridge really needing to be used - Soup was the first thing that came to mind
A quick glance at the book - a hopeful hunt for the rest of the ingredients and I was off and running

The recipe was called Pumpkin Soup with Basil 
Pumpkin, Carrots, - Onion and Tomato
Not the ingredients I usually use but they were there and ready to be used

I'd made chicken stock the other day so it just had to be defrosted  
When I made it I picked all the meat off the the carcass and blended it in as well so it meant there was more goodness in the soup which will make it more filling

Yes, those are chopped onions in the bag - I had some onions a while ago that had started to go soft so I chopped them all and froze the equivalent of 2 in each of those little bags. They are a bit soggy when defrosted so they are being  used in casseroles and stews where frying them is nice but not really necessary
Heres the stock and veg mix just about ready
The tomatoes and onions had to be cooked in a liitle of the stock till soft
then added to the big pot
Then the whole lot was blended to get that lovely creamy soup
Final result
2 bowls for dinner that evening
and four packs to be frozen
each one holding enough for both of us
I can't find the book in print anywhere so don't think theres any harm (well I hope there isn't) in reproducing the recipe here
Does anyone have a favourite soup
or like me tried a new version of a favourite one

all photos enlarge with a click


  1. That soup looks good, I need to dig my blender out and make some similar - I haven't seen pumpkins or butternut squash in a while - maybe canned pumpkin and just use a little less stock.

  2. Pumpkin/squash soup is a favorite here. I use canned pumpkin and sometimes blend a can of mushroom soup with it too.

  3. Oh, that looks so good. Comfort food! Sometimes we use a recipe, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we just see what is available in the fridge and work from that.

  4. I had a similar recipe at one time for a soup called Harvest Soup and it was delicious. I'll try to find that. Also I am loving a free website called Meals Matter and it is at mealsmatter.org. They have a lot of great meal planners, recipes and grocery lists.

  5. I understand you when you write about serving the same meals, I think after years of making meals one gets a bit fed up with it all and now there are only 2 of us I get a bit lazy. When all the kids were home I used to cook loads. Must get off my but and try harder. lol

  6. Hi Cathy, that soup looks delicious. Taste of Life was a bit of a bestseller too, wasn't it? BTW, you've won the Vasili book on my blog giveaway. Email me your postal address on greengrow at live dot com dot au and I'll get the book off to you asap..

  7. Yum!

    I wish I enjoyed cooking. I just don't.

    But, I love to eat. I have a soup recipe that I may try "just" because you've inspired me with your soup. :)


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