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Friday, February 11, 2011

Just wondering

Just wondering if any of you have had or are having trouble loading pictures/photos on to your blog mostly over the past few days.

Blogger is being an absolute pain - click on the the 'picture' and it has some weird screen come up with details for loading from online.  Click in the vague hope that it might change to the usual one and it just says 'the feature you requested is currently unavailable.  Try again later'  Usual screen nowhere to be seen

So is anyone else having this problem?


  1. Hi Cathy, I can't help you, I haven't used Blogger to do a post with for ages now, I'm using Windows Live Writer (a free download) so I can type up my posts, add photos etc on my computer but not online, then I just publish it to Blogger once I've finished. You should check it out.

  2. Not that particular problem, but for me, it's either blogger or my server that has become like a vampire, can't function during business hours. I got all caught up last night after it crawling all day long - am talking worse than dial-up.

  3. I am seeing that on Facebook today. Wonder what's up?

  4. Hi Cathy,

    Sorry to say I haven't experienced the issue. Best of luck on getting it sorted out.

    Kind Regards


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