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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Easy peasy dessert

This summer we've had  lots of hot humid sticky days which has mean't a lack of interest in heavy food
So when I just couldn't be bothered and fresh fruit just didn't do it for me I've gone back to one of the easiest nicest desserts and at times snacks there is

Good old fashioned Jelly - called Jello in some parts of the world

Here in Australia it comes as flavoured crystals but in England (not sure about anywhere else ) I only remember it coming as flavoured gelatin cubes.  

So simple to make - dissolve in boiling water - pop in fridge to set
Takes no effort to eat - it just slides down the throat
Just the thing when you are feeling unwell
Lovely and cold when your body is hot
Fabulous with Ice Cream or Yoghurt

Along with Fruit and Custard and Cake its part of the makings of a Trifle lol

When the children were little I'd often add a tin of mandarin oranges which seemed to stretch it a little further - we  happened to have strawberries on hand the other day
So I chopped up a few and added them to the mix

Our fridge lives in the laundry which means the washing machine is close by - the lid makes a great handy bench at times.
I know you can't see it clearly but there is a chopping board on there

Gone are the days of the large jelly mould I'd use when the children were little  - you know the sort with the fluted edges - that also needed two packets of crystals so it was firm enough to unmould.  The tupperware one was my favourite with a lid so nothing dropped into the jelly in the fridge and changeable bottoms that became the pattern on the top when it was unmoulded. 

These days when there is just us two I use these little ramekins as moulds
The dissolved mixture just fits nicely into the four of them and they don't take up much space.  .
We tend to eat directly from the little bowls (without tipping it out)
together with yoghurt, cup of tea and a biscuit
but theres nothing to say I couldn't make it look more interesting
chop it up in a bowl - with yoghurt, cup of tea and slightly 'better' biscuits
And then of course I could pull out all the stops and present it like this

Do you make jelly - what do you like to have with your jelly?  
Custard, icecream, fruit?  
Have you experimented with setting things in it and how did it go?  


  1. I don't make jelly or jello as we call it here. We never had it in Sweden when I grew up there and I never developed a taste for it. But your jelly presentation here makes my mouth water. It looks like a great dessert. And I never do custard either, something I so loved when I lived in England.--Inger

  2. Nothing like some cool Jello (jelly) when it's hot. I rarely make it and now usually only have it when I'm at a buffet restaurant that offers it. Humid is not weather that I like, but we could use a dose of warm here in L.A.--we've had a little cool spell.

    Hope you'll reconsider about dropping out of A to Z, but we understand if it's necessary. We'll leave your name on the list for now. We'll be going thru and purging the list right before the challenge starts in case there are any others who have to step away. If you change your mind let me know so we don't take you off. Remember--your posts don't have to be long or complex. And it could be as simple as a picture or just a sentence or two on the days when you don't have more to say.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  3. Oh, yes, as the advertisement says, "There's always room for Jello!"

    Yours looks SOOOO yummy!

    Here's one of the things that we do with it and the kids get to help:



  4. We have never called it "jelly" because jelly and jams are what you eat on toast:) It is jello and I love it in a nice parfait glass with whipped cream on top and maybe some sprinkles. However we don't eat it in our house because it reminds my spouse of hospital food and he hates it. LOL

  5. Oh boy yummy jello! It has to be one of the best snack desserts in the world. It is so versatile.
    I learned that if I cut back on the liquid a little when dissolving then it would be firm enough to cut out shapes for the children to hold onto and eat with their hands.
    I enjoy using juices and sodas as half of the liquid when setting and it gives it even more flavor.

    Oh I just remembered an old recipe. After you bake a cake, poke holes in it with a small dowel and drizzle liquid jello over it. Then when you cut into the cake you get the extra burst of flavor plus a beautiful marbled visual.

    Blessings to you!

  6. Jelly was always on the menu when the kids were sick and I couldnt make them drink any more. One way to keep their fluid intake up. I too added fresh or canned fruit to it. Not good for the sugar but Oh well at least they were eating.

  7. Love jelly

    Ny Brenton will be having all 4 wisdom teeth removed in hospital shortly. Jelly will def be on the menu in the days that follow.

  8. When making a big mold, I use a little less cold water, stir it till it dissolved for sure and set it in the fridg, keep an eye on it, when it is starting to get thick, poke whatever you are going to have in the mold. If the jello is ready enough, the fruit or whatever will stay put and not float, nor crack the jello. Then finish letting it set.

  9. Hi Cathy, Your jelly looks YUM with strawberries in it, I must try that. We don't do anything special with it, just eat it with ice cream. :-)

    By the way, I'm not sure what the ceramic fan will be used for as yet..I just loved it & had to buy it. I WILL find a use for it though. :-)

  10. Aqui usamos muito gelatina no verão, pois é saudável e refresca, mas não com chá, biscoito e yogurte. Vou esperimentar sua sugestão, pois sua apresentação tão carinhosa deu água na boca, e olha que acabei de tomar café da manhã. Amei seu blog e seu gato! Abraços!

  11. Oh yes, with fruit* in it often when I was a child. And Dad's dear Mum, my Grandma, was still making rainbow jellies for the grandchildren when we were all well into our teens.

    * through childhood Mum would preserve (can) stone fruits over summer, especially golden queen peaches as Dear Dad really liked them. Sadly over-exposure to these golden queen peaches means that both her daughters now loathe peaches in any shape, taste or form! And pineapple in fruit cakes too (a whole other story)....

  12. Oi Kathy!
    Que prazer vê-la em meu blog! Meu idioma é o português do Brasil. Vou traduzir no google tradutor esta conversa e a outra. Pode não ficar perfeita, mas espero que você entenda:

    Hi Kathy!
    What a pleasure toto see it on my blog ! My language is Portuguese from Brazil. I'll google translator to translate this conversation and others. It may not be perfect but hope you understand:

    Here we use much gelatin in the summer because it is healthy and refreshing, but not with tea, biscuits and yogurt. I'll l'adresse his suggestion, for your presentation so endearing in his mouth watered, and look what I just eat breakfast. I loved your blog and your cat! Thanks!


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