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Friday, February 4, 2011

Easiest dinner in a long while

'They' warned us the other day that the weather was going to turn humid
For once 'they' got it right - Yuck
So when I knew I was going to be busy all day today I knew the last thing I would want to do at the end of a hot sticky day was prepare a meal and then have to cook it.  

  At the moment, with this watching what goes in the mouth thing, I'm all saladed out so I had to rack my brains as Dh would have been out on the golf course all day and would come home 'starving'. 

Worse than a school kid for digging round in the cupboard when he comes home lol

Brainwave - I decided to put the crock pot to work - normally used in the winter however I couldn't see any problem with it being on as it doesn't give off that much heat.  Tucked away at the back of the cupboard was a packet mix I picked up a while ago seemingly for use with a crockpot and as I had all the ingredients it suggested I decided that was the way to go.

Along with this mix I used stewing beef, onion, garlic, carrots, celery, parsnip, turnip and a tin of tomatoes.  Couldn't have been any easier.  Cook onion and garlic in frying pan, add meat and brown.  It suggested adding the veg to brown them but I was still chopping so missed that step.  There were red lentils in the packet so I soaked them for a while, put meat and veg in the crock, added the lentils, dissolved the packet mix in water and mixed that with the tomatoes - tossed them in and turned the crock on, gave it all a bit of stir and walked away.

Came home mid afternoon and the house smelled delicious
The herbs in the packet were thyme and savory so it was sort of what I call an Italian smell
The name of this wonder mix was M*Cormicks Slow Cooker Soup Hearty Beef and Vegetable recipe base 

I don't normally buy these sort of things - and have no idea how or why this one came home from the shop with me
Anyway it turned out much better then I thought it would and I suppose you might think it strange to eat a hot wintery type meal on a hot day - my reasoning was, it wasn't any different than going out for a meal , I wasn't hot from cooking it and we both enjoyed it.



  1. Oh the daily grind of "thinking up meals"! You did well to get a hearty meal on the table in such heat.

  2. That looks yummy. I have one of these cookers but never think of using it, it is at the back of the cupboard, but seeing this, I think I will drag it out.

  3. even in the height of summer I know I fancy a good hearty winter meal, the same way in the midst of winter I crave a salad.

    It looks good.....


  4. All of that in that little package? LOL The meal looks perfect for us in our 20 inches of snow:)

  5. Hello It looks delicious. I laugh when you say humid as I look out to see the snow. It is supposed to be warm and sunny here today my warm -5c. Maybe I will put on my crockpot. B

  6. The delicious looking soup would be the perfect thing for our weather 14F/-10C...it is very cold here in Ohio!

  7. I use my crock pot year round, there is nothing better than prepping a meal when you're fresh in the morning and have supper ready when you're all tired out, hungry and really don't feel like cooking!

    I use the crock pot liners and the only thing I have to wash up is the lid!

  8. That looks so tasty! You did a great job. I don't see anything wrong with soup on a hot day. Soup is a staple around my home and that is so great that you did it in your crock pot. I have to admit that I use those kinds of "instant" bags a lot. I always put a bunch more stuff in them but it makes life easier for me.
    Crock pots have got to be one of the best kitchen inventions.

    With your collection of cookbooks, have you entertained the idea of having a 100% raw type of book to help with getting over the salad blues?

    Blessings to you today.

  9. That looks good. I am weary of cooking myself. As cold as it is here I wouldn't mind having my oven on all day!

  10. hey, that looks yummy! I'm a slow cooker fan myself, but during winter, the shelf of our woodburner is even cheaper to cook on...have a chili warming up for lunch there now.


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