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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby update

Thanks for all your comments concerning the little babe in yesterdays post. 

Grandma told me very late yesterday she'd certainly didn't do what was suggested and gave the baby lots of cuddles and tickles and sang songs and did all the sorts of things you do when there is a babe in your arms - was rewarded with lots of smiles and that funny coo tiny babies make

The grandma then mentioned she'd spoken (nicely) to the dil on a different day about her concerns and it seems she has a thing in her head about controlled crying.  The little one cries a lot during the day and the night ( not what Grandma observed the day she looked after her) and she, the mother was really tired and had heard that if you leave them be they will go to sleep,  She thought it would work during the day as well

Yes, said Grandma sometimes it works with older babes and children but yours is still really little and needs to be held.  Thankfully when she saw the 'nurse' a day later 'she'  said similar things to her and as well as the baby has taken her (the mother)under her wing.

Her son now says they have had some really  nasty fights over leaving the baby to cry and didn't know where to get help for the mother.  Lets hope mum gets lots of help and it doesn't lead to a case of PND unless the seed has already been sown


  1. Oh, yes, I remember DH and I had many a fight over our son and his crying when he was a tiny baby. It was me that figured he should be held and played with etc and DH thought he needed to learn from the get go, that he couldn't have his way. Oh, boy, some of those fights were real beauts! I think it (the letting them cry thing) comes from the Grandparents.... Really is a shame.

  2. Hard to watch our children make mistakes, especially when it concerns the little ones. I always try not to interfere with rules in the different households and would never undermine the authority of m children as parents ........ but I still speak my mind. Got to have lot of hugs and kisses when I am around and I am fortunate that I have good relationships with my in-law children.

  3. I think a baby needs pick up and cuddle and the visionary things too...I was a baby sitter for a very long time and I didn't leave a baby to cry...I picked them up and walked and talked to them and played with them they need a feeling of love and saftey...I hope all works out for mom and baby.

  4. All I can say is I am glad to hear that things are looking up for that baby.

    One of the thoughts that ran through my head after I had hit send was if the mother was experiencing PND. I seriously don't know too many new mothers that are seemingly detached enough from their child to "try" controlled crying during the day.

    Either way my suggestion would be to get them all to a good GP(son included).. if the child really is crying that much during the day, when getting appropriate levels of interaction and attention, it could easily be reflux or something physical. If it is simply the mother needing support a good GP, or early childhood nurse, will be able to suggest what services might be available.

    Kind Regards

  5. Oh goodness I am so glad that her perspective changed. And I am really excited for the grandma to carefully but pointedly voice her concerns. Bravo to her.

    It is so hard to watch our kids struggle. I know we made our tons of mistakes too but it is still torture to watch them muddle through.

    Blessings my sweet friend.

  6. It is an absolute miracle the number of first children who survive their parents. It amazed me when my kids explained to me how to properly hold a baby and when I held their newborn "firsts" they watched me like a hawk. I always wondered who they thought raised them.

    By the way I just found Magoo in your sidebar and have enjoyed playing with him. How delightful.

  7. I think that little baby is very lucky to have grandma. I also wonder what dil's pediatrician would say?

  8. I am sure some "old dear " could cover it for you for a small fee?


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