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Saturday, January 22, 2011

What was the book about?

I've had several enquiries about the book I was reading in yesterday's post
Still Waters written by Jennifer Lauck

Its not a novel but recollections of an early life
One of my daughters returned it recently along with a pile of others I'd lent her.  I can't remember where it came from - I think in a pile I was given - but I do know I hadn't read it before certainly don't even remember seeing it before lol

Most of the people I associate with are like minded -  saving a cent here and there -recycling is our second name - we pass around amongst each other books we come across in op shops, have been given as gifts or even ones we have on loan from the library. 
There are strict instructions on return dates with that one lol  

So there are times when I lend out books if I've got a lot sitting there and know I won't get round to reading them for a while. 

Anyway I don't remember seeing it before so the name (Still Waters) couldn't have been on my mind when I renamed my blog last year.  It used to be called Cathy's Capers and that began to sound 'childish' and not reflect my posts, such as they were.  

I was really upset after we said goodbye to Leroy and wanted a change in everything.  Was even going to close down and have a rest - then the name SW popped into my head.  I was trying to be calm but there were so many emotions below the surface - the new name seemed right and so it has stayed 

As I said before the book isn't a novel but an autobiography of sorts - just one problem I'm going to have to fix - it's a follow up book to one dealing with a younger childhood.  The first one was called 'Blackbird' and from what I've now read on the internet did very well - it was about the authors very early life dealing with adoption and the death of her adoptive parents.  This one starts at the time she moves to live with other family when the second partner of her now deceased adoptive father 'tosses her out'. 

What I've read so far had been easy to read, about a young girl growing up and how she deals with that stage of her life and the problems that arise when she is moved from pillar to post having to live with various members of the family.  Hoping its as good at the end of the book as it is at the beginning

Now my next 'job' is to try all the local Op - as in opportunity (Thrift/Charity) shops to see if I can find the first book lol


  1. It does sound like a good read, I have such a list of good reads now, I don't know where to start! LOL!

    Good Post!

  2. I read your comment on Ilona's blog regarding toilet paper and you took me back to my childhood when we also had to ask for toilet paper at school. The lady was called Mrs. Gravitt and I can still recall her face.

  3. A good read Cathy, you may think I have a nerve writing to you but my pc collapsed last year and many friends names disappeared from my blog. I happened to come across an old poem of mine and saw your name,
    Hope you're ok
    Happy New Year to you

  4. It does sound like a good book. I am trying to branch out a little in my reading and have found some good books lately.

    I am so glad the flooding isn't near you. Dolly is doing good except for some bathroom problems, but I'm hopefull that will work out. I just have to stay on my toes.lol


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