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Friday, January 7, 2011

Neighbourhood watch

If you look at the houses
Across the road
Over the back fence

Next door
And even at the one down my drive

It looks like my neighbourhood is closed for the day
Doesn't look like there is much going on

Because when the forecast is for over 30c/86f
with gusty northerly winds
We just pull down the blinds and find something quiet to do

For the past few days whilst the weather had been warm
I've been busy on the computer
visiting various genealogy (family history) sites
Trying to delve deeper into the mysteries of Dh's family

When we were in Nova Scotia last year
we visited Dh's Aunt (his late Mother's sister)
One day she was quite upset -
and told me she was sad that at 87 years 
she still had so little to tell her children
about the family she left back in England 
She had moved to Canada in 1946 as a War Bride
and in all those years had only returned once
To see her dying sister
Taking advantage of 14day free trials some of these sites offer
I have looked at every Census ever recorded in England
Births Deaths and Marriages have been found  
I have managed to find out so much more information
than even Dh had recorded

So he's pleased that I wasn't just avoiding him
and all the time I've been tucked away
here in front of this screen has been worthwhile lol

Aunt Dorothy knows I've found out a little
but not the full extent
Now all I have to do is put it together in some form 
and send it over to her. 

Oh, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she receives it:)


  1. Love the awnings! I would like a couple of those this summer!

    Our weather man won't say it's hot until the temps are 90F or higher, I do not agree with him, however. :-)

    So nice for you to do a record search of DH's family, his Aunt will be tickled!

  2. The wind is blowing here, too, but frosty air. I am staying in by the fire. Doing nothing, getting ready to sort tax reciepts .....

  3. That kind of commitment to research is a true gift of love.

  4. Hi Cathy
    I would recommend genesreunited. Its dead easy but better yet only £9.99 per year.

  5. All the information you have found is wonderful! How very resourceful of you. Your husband's aunt will surely be thrilled to tears (the good kind of tears).

    I have started an account on Ancestry.com but haven't gotten very far just yet (through no one's fault but my own).

    Blessings to you today.


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