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Monday, January 24, 2011

Libraries are to be enjoyed not feared

Dh has gone off to the local library today
We are lucky in that we have several close to home
They all come under the same region
so what you borrow from one can be returned via another
which is great and saves you a journey at times

He's gone to what I call the 'little one'
but the one I prefer is what I call the 'big one'
I'ts quite a nice building - close to the Council Offices
There's also a lake close by complete with lots of water birds

It has loads of books for loan
Adults as well as childrens
There are Cds, Dvds, toys and jigsaws for those who enjoy them
Nice comfy chairs to sit on while you read the daily paper
Biggish tables for those who need to do school work or planning
Theres computer terminals for use - handy if yours is playing up

Sometimes when you are away from home
you miss all those little things that make up your life
I always have trouble with the weight limit on my luggage
What to take!!
What's important!
Clothes - shoes - books - crafty things to do along the way
20 kg isn't very much at all
Oh decisions decisions

So I have really enjoyed spending time in the Library
onboard the ms Zuiderdam
a cruise ship owned and operated by Holland America

I took these photos last year on our cruise
From Vancouver up the Inside Passage and back

See the books
this is just a few of them
Beautiful luxurious comfy chairs
with a water view lol
Computer terminals as well
Large tables for doing whatever you want
And best of all a stock of jigsaws for those who love them
There's always one on the go
and its lovely to meet others pouring over the table
trying to find that elusive piece to go right 'there'
Guess where I stopped each time we went in there lol


  1. That library on that cruise ship could rival some of the smaller ones here. The jigsaw would have been good for whiling away an hour or so.

  2. Wow, that is a library after my own heart! I love puzzles and will have one going on the table in the store for those who drop in to add a piece or two in early spring. I always put that away when the pool opens.

  3. What a fun post! I love checking out libraries big and small. The college library is next door to my office. I love the pix from the cruise ship.

  4. What a wonderful library on the cruise ship! You could stick all 3 of the county libraries in it! I wouldn't mind just going to the library for a couple weeks and wouldn't have to go out to sea!

  5. Hi Cathy!

    Thanks for the comment on the photos... Next time your my way... check out the Okanagan if you can which is a part of British Columbia... In the Okanagan region, there is a city called Penticton, and a specific area of Penticton is called the Naramata Bench which is the wine country. In the heart of the Naramata Bench is that lavender farm! But if you ever get to Vancouver Island, i can direct you to one here too!


    PS kind of Ironic that you live in Australia and my word verification to leave this comment is "dingo"

  6. great jig saw table... there's never enough room at home!


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