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Friday, January 28, 2011

Happens just about every year

Weather forecast for Melbourne courtesy of Weather.com.au

Week beginning Saturday January 29th 2011

SAT  Warm. Dry. 12c/53f - 32c/89f

SUN Sunny. Very Hot. Dry. 20c/68f - 40c/104f

MON Warm. Dry. 21c/69f - 33c/91f

TUE Mostly Sunny. Warm. 18c/64f - 31c/87f

WED Warm. 16c/60f - 31c/87f

THU Mostly Sunny. Hot. Humid. 18c/64f - 35c/95f

FRI Mostly Sunny. Hot. Humid. 24c/75f - 36c/97f

Looks like summer is here - took a while!

Take a guess as to when all the kids go back to school in Victoria ??


  1. I have no idea, but will probably be one of the hottest days, just like they do here!

  2. oh my you have some warm days ahead of you. Do you have air conditioning to compensate and get comfortable?

  3. Now, those look more like the temps I expect in a Victorian summer. Our schools start up again this coming week too.

    9.30pm on a Wellington summer evening and I'm wearing woolley socks, trousers and a long sleeved top as it is only 13C. Thank goodness for a strong sense of humour and a furry cat to snuggle up to.


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