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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do I look fat in this?

There I was enjoying the warm fresh air we've had recently 
snoozing in one of the cosy beds we have
and all of a sudden I wake with a start
I had that funny feeling that somebody was staring at me

Opened my eyes and there she was
Laughing at me
Telling me I look too big for this bed

Hold on mo' while I shift a bit
Ooh thats nice
It really is quite comfy in here 
Just got to move my head a bit
No its not a tight sqeeze !
Just another adjustment to my upper body
and I'll be fine
Ooh thats better
We've had these beds for years
and nobody ever mentioned all the extras
Just discovered this little neck rest
Makes a world of difference to the comfort level
And its got a fully reclining side
I never noticed that before
Now go away please and leave me in peace
And No this bed is not too small for me
Its like some of your trousers with elastic in the waist
It stretches to fit!!!

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  1. ahahahahahaha What a wonderful post! Had me laughing the whole way... errrrr I mean, ummmmm sympathizing, yeah, that's it. hehe TOO CUTE!

  2. It almost looks like the cat is actually posing for you! How cute is that? Very pretty kitty, what is his/her name? (you must mention several different posts or I can't remember - you know how many people have cats on the blogs? :-)

  3. What a gorgeous creature and I love the monologue.

  4. LOL -- the dialogue is just perfect! What a gorgeous kitty! And of course the bed isn't too small or the kitty too big -- that should have never entered your mind :-) Everything is *just right*

    Visiting from Camera Critters

  5. What a beautiful cat and he really does seem to like his bad, contortions and all.

  6. Great pictures Cathy. I just took a look at our kittycat who is cosily asleep in his cat bed. Yes, it fits him fine while he is curled tp in a half moon position.

  7. Love the post! Amazing the positions cats find comfortable!!

  8. What a beautiful cat! isn't it great to watch cats relax?????

  9. Such a cuddle-some snuggle-bug. And you are so creative in the way you illustrated your photos.

  10. Such a happy looking Keira in her comfy bed! A purrrfect bed for your furry princess to laze in.

  11. What a lovely post, it made me laugh so much. I have small similar bed on top of the freezer, non of mine fit in it very easily, yet it is their favourite spot, possibly because they can watch everything that's going on. lol
    You can see it on my older posts if you fancy taking a look.
    Keep warm

  12. What a great set of images! Obviously, you didn't cause any distraction as you got them.


  13. Fabulous! Cats just love to 'fit in' where they can.
    (Is your cat a chocolate Burmese?)

  14. Oh, I love it. What a gorgeous cat and her comments are just what you would expect. It's so wonderful to know what your critters are thinking, isn't it?--Inger

  15. What a cutie! We should all learn to relax like a cat!


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