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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cookery Books Anyone?

My cookery books live on a couple of shelves in the laundry
Some of them are old favourites and are used a lot
Others were fanciful purchases when one just 'had' to have
the next one in a series 

The shelf usually plays the game and holds them all safe and sound
'Cept for the other day when wham - down it came with a thud
Books everywhere mostly in the tub but some on the ground

So what happens when your table is chockablock with books
Lovely cookery books
mostly full of fabulous coloured pictures
of tempting dishes

This picture doesn't show all of them 
There were others still in the laundry
and even more on the kitchen benches
Now it's decision time
Realising there are just too many there
I have to decide
Which ones are to go and which ones are to stay

Which ones had I used recently
and which hadn't been opened in ages
What a horrible choice I have to make lol

You can see my life in those books - theres the:
Finding the right way to do it - courtesy of  Womens Weekly days
The Entertaining days
Oh dear, the BP is going up days
Family cooking days - they loved cakes
More entertaining days
And then the realisation that we needed to eat well to live well
Hadn't we been doing that already ?
This was from one of my trying to cook with chocolate days 
I think I tried one recipe and have never looked at the book since lol
Now we are into the losing weight days
I think we might be eating on trays for a couple more days
while I sort this lot out

Does anyone else have a love of cookery books?


  1. I do have a love for cookbooks. I love finding something that works and makes everyone in my family happy. For a handful of years a friend of mine would give me a gift subscription to Cooking Light for my birthday. I loved it! Now I have so many recipes to go thru.
    My grandmother used to sit and read cookbooks like they were novels. With raising 6 boys and 3 grand kids I think she enjoyed the recipes for variations.

  2. I love cook books but I also tend to have a limited attention span when it comes to them. I find that borrowing from the library often satiates my curiosity about a book and it's only if I have gone and borrowed the same book multiple times that I consider buying it.

    Kind Regards

  3. I don't have near as many cook books as you do, but a goodly lot. I only use my old favorite Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book, when it comes down to it, or my bread machine folder that came with the machine. The other ones call for stuff I don't keep in the house.

  4. Hi Cathy
    I have loads but they earn their place by being read and re-read and offering inspiration even when I don't follow the actual recipes. If I was you I would keep the Australian Womens Weekly books. They are quite hard to get here and we love them. Not to complex or sophisticated but all good.

  5. Loved reading about your cookery books. I used to have alot until I moved around a bit.

    Have a good day.

  6. Oh, yes. We not only have our own in our kitchen, we have boxes and boxes of my mother's cookbooks in our basement. What a project that will be to sort them all out someday.

  7. I love cookbooks too, I do as Belinda does and take them out of the library first before I consider buying them. I remember the Woman's Weekly Dinner Party book quite well, I think I worked my way through it in the 80's.

  8. Wow! That's a lot of cookbooks! I would have to eat from trays til I sorted them out too. Funny how our cookbooks change as our needs do, though. I can relate to that.


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