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Friday, January 28, 2011

A cloudy day before Christmas

We were on our way up the road before Christmas
Going out the back of Lilydale about 10.30am
Late start to the day - driving to Shepparton 
to see what was available at the SPC outlet

And this was the cloudy sky that caught my attention
Half an hour up the road and we are in open countryside
Clouds were lifting and opening up
This farmer likes his hay covered
possibly for sale
This is another hours drive further up the road
and the cloud is almost not there 
This farmer left his open to the elements
more than likely for his own use
But guess what
At 4.30pm on our way home through Yarra Glen
the clouds have reappeared
If you click and enlarge you will be able to see the tv masts
on the end of the Dandenongs
They are the ones I can see from my backgarden and
have featured here on more than one occasion
(not always through a dirty windscreen tho lol)
Clicking here will take you to the home of  
Skywatch Friday
There you will see more skies from around the world


  1. Hi Cathy!
    I am a cloud watcher too! You have some nice ones there! I don't like the ones we have been having lately - I like some blue between them, LOL!

  2. Fields similar to mine on the other side of the world. We really do share the same sy all over the globe. Nice thought.

  3. That should read 'sky' of course. Sorry :-)

  4. Beautiful views & blues! =)

    Happy SWF!

  5. Nice!!!

    cheers from Uruguay :)


  6. I could tell it's covered in green and this must be huge bale of hay. Great capture. Happy Friday!
    Sky Watch

  7. the 3rd pic is amazing. It's not like the rest are OK, they are gud too.

  8. Beautiful clear skies!
    Happy weekend.

  9. This is a fun blog! I really like the wide open spaces where you traveled. When I take photos while in transit we call it car hunting.


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