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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We tried - honestly, we did

We tried - honestly we did
It's sort of an unknown fact
that along with the Melbourne Cup
it's your national duty
for you to listen or watch the cricket
especially the Boxing Day Test

The time between Christmas and New Year
is when we rest and relax
For the majority its time to unwind
before the hassles of the next year begin

For our Test cricketers its business as usual
Some may say it's been a busy year for them
This schedule shows they started the year in Pakistan
and then travelled the world plying their trade
against England (aka The Poms) here in Austalia

Our national team has been trying their best to win them back
but it really hasn't gone the way they hoped

As I say
We tried - honestly, we did
and don't take me as a bad loser
(even tho' we haven't really lost yet)
but it just became an embarrassment

Yesterday we turned the tv off 
fed up with watching all those strange
very noisy (barmy) white skined supporters
who are gradually turning pink with sunburn
from all the time they are spending in the sun
yelling and singing 
just like they are at a soccer match 
(and whoever gave that man a trumpet needs to be shot)

Runs weren't scored - wickets fell - there was a run out
England now need to take 3 wickets
and they have retained the Ashes

To clear our mind of all those problems
we went for a drive up into the nearby hills

The weather was great
The afternoon out involved some walking
Down broad paths in the forest
and up rough steps near our goal
Water was involved
but I'll leave that for another day lol


  1. I don't follow American sports so when you started on whatever it it - ya lost me. Sorry.

    Your walk looked just so nice and peaceful and green.A very nice place!

  2. I would have opted for a walk too.

  3. Haven't watched cricket in years, they don't show it much over here in Canada.

    That is a beautiful place that you went walking too.

    Gill in Canada

  4. Lovely photos of your walk
    Thank you!

  5. That was a beautiful and inspiring walk. I love to go on hikes.

    Have a blessed day today.


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