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Saturday, December 11, 2010

That other group at the Festival - Part 2

Hello there
Well I told you about the journey we took last week over to Adelaide in South Australia
Then I mentioned the Celtica Festival I spent some time at

I finally got round to telling you the reason we went over there

and then filled you in on a very different group we saw at the Festival

So today I'll show you what made up the second half of this groups performance
It involved two burly men in kilts with swords in hand
And two broadswords placed across each other on the ground
I suppose you could call them Highland Sword Dancers

I've only ever seen nice little girls performing Sword Dances
usually in competitions on big stages out in the open air
at some of our shows and special Highland Games
so this was very very different

It seemed odd to see these fellas wearing soft dancing shoes
I can assure you there was no sissiness about them
I really enjoyed watching them
they moved very well in them - so surefooted with lots of movement 

Looking around the net I learned that these special shoes that highland dancers wear are called ghillies
Also found out that the round shield they carried is called a Targe

Anyway I'll let the photos tell the story for me

Photos enlarge by clicking and then clicking again

Then I discovered someone had put a video on you'tube

So let it load and enjoy the performance the same as I did


  1. Aah, there is nothing sissy about a man in a kilt! They look very manly and brave!

    Love it!

  2. I have never seen men do Scottish dancing only the girls......very interesting.

    Gill in Canada

  3. How very cool! Great images. And, I'm glad you posted the still images because I can't get youtube to load right now.


  4. you know it was probable a way for the young men to learn the art of fighting with the sword and to be nimble on their feet. It probably saved many a life.
    Thanks for the culture lesson I loved it!!

  5. I had to laugh at your comment, you read m y tone of voice EXACTLY........why should I be the only one suffering!!!

    And its still flipping well snowing!!

    Gill in Canada....where its winter!


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