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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Self service

A chance remark in an email from Annie sent me looking for these photos I took in Newfoundland
We had stayed the night near Springdale at Hull's Riverview Bed and Breakfast
a lovely place that seemed to be miles from anywhere 
but in fact was only a couple of minutes off the Tran Canada Highway
and were almost ready to leave when I saw this bird on the feeder outside the front window

Stella told me it was a Female Hairy Woodpecker - I do hope I've rememberd that correctly
We don't have them (Woodpeckers) in Australia so out came my little camera

Theres the car waiting out the front but I was in a world of my own
Totally mesmerised by a bird I'd never seen before
It wasn't in the least bit bothered by me jockeying for a good position at the window
and just went about its business of trying to get to the food

Hope you enjoy watching it - the same as I did

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Camera Critters is a meme hosted by Misti Dawn
to see more critters from around the world


  1. She's a beauty! I have never seen one before either. Thank you :-)

  2. Yep she is a Hairy. Some people get confused between Downy and Hairy woodpeckers, but Downies are smaller and have a shorter, blunt bill. Great photos and I am glad you were able to enjoy a bird you don't have at home. :)



  3. Yup, She's a female Hairy woodpecker. The male is identical but has a red patch on the back of his head. The Downey which is smaller does not have that huge black beak,almost the size of her head. One quick fact: her head is big because of the spaces in her skull to offset the strenght of that beak pounding into a tree.She's a beauty. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, N. Ont., Canada.

  4. Very pretty bird. She even looks like she might be trying to dress like a penguin. ;)

  5. Did it laugh like the one on TV. lol. thanks for the photo I have never seen or hear of them before. Very educational!! By the way hows the weather down your way, its cold and wet here.


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